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American songwriter and rapper AkatheKidd’s latest single, “The Deep End,” is now streaming on all platforms.

Telling his own truths and real-life inspired stories in a lyrical style that migrates between melodic and hard-hitting rap style is AkatheKidd- a rapidly rising entertainer who has been a top contender to watch out for years.  With witty bars, flows like water, humorous wordplay, and in-depth writing skills, he has somehow managed to fly under the radar of many hip-hop listeners. It is the variety and complexity of his delivery, clever lyricism, undeniable charm, and an unequaled stage presence that really paint an important flag for a career destined to flourish inevitably. Here is your chance to launch yourself and discover the work of AkatheKidd, the next big thing in the hip-hop industry!

When you listen to the track, “The Deep End” in its entirety, you might actually think that some time & effort was taken with pen and paper and a careful stream of thoughts written and rewritten and then recorded, but that’s not the case; AkatheKidd was just following the flow of the beat and kinda going with it, freestyling, and that is how such an addicting and haunting anthem was made!

His vocals are melodious ones, so when he is delivering, he operates in a style between half-rapping, and half-singing that is melodic and earworming. The beats here are deep and hypnotic; the synths are atmospheric, with some rickety hi-hats, bouncing snares, and low-end 808s—not forgetting the thumping basslines and punchy drums that make for one healthy instrumental that provides the perfect solid support for AkatheKidd’s delivery to thrive.

The track has a kind of emotionally understated melancholic feel with shades of positivity to make for one double-edged melody that you could listen to all night long without getting bored!

“The Deep End” absolutely boosts the vibe in any setting; from the ambiance of your living room to the chaos of the nightclub!

AkatheKidd is not stopping here; he has another new masterpiece dubbed “Fake Smiles” that is also coming to the digital platforms real soon.

To stream “The Deep End” and save it to your library, follow the attached link, and don’t forget to follow AkatheKidd everywhere so as to get real-time updates on his other projects!

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