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US-based Indian dentist rapper AKB comes out swinging with “Young Brown Immigrant.”

Abhiraj K. Bhatt, alias AKB, is a pediatric dentist by day and a rapper by night; but his fortunes didn’t change overnight, no, he has had quite a journey through troubled waters before he made it to the other side triumphant and in very unfamiliar territory. He and his family migrated to the United States in 2000 and 2001, when he was just 10 years old, and settled in the state of California.

He describes having trouble fitting in with the American culture and its people, but as he became a teenager, he slowly got used to the American system. It was around then that he decided to go back to India in order to pursue dental education for 5 years. He then came back to the USA, aged 23, and graduated as a bachelor of dental surgery.

To cut the long story short, he has been on an upward trajectory, and he now owns his own dental office called ‘MY KIDS HAPPEY TEETH’ in California. His wife is also a pediatric dentist, and they both love working with kids.

His rapping journey started when he graduated in 2017, and his love and passion for hip-hop have never faltered. When he is not making kids lives better through his dental clinic, you better believe he is somewhere soaked up in a booth, sweating it out with some thought-provoking and punchline-heavy bars inspired by his own experiences as well as those of others around him.

His latest banger, “Young Brown Immigrant” borrows from his past tumultuous experiences as an Indian immigrant; the ethnic profiling and bullying he endured particularly during the aftermath of 9/11 where he was targeted and subjected to all manner of vile attacks and name-calling in school and at their residence.

He remembers fondly being called Taliban, Osama, and other derogatory names, and this is an experience he and his other brown immigrant friends were subjected to.

This is what gave birth to “Young Brown Immigrant,” as he takes over the mic to tell his tales in a deeply emotional and honorably expressive way.

He is brutal and conscious, bringing tenacity and authentic wordplay over the modern trap beats as he honors the art of emceeing and dedicates himself to preserving the purity of original hip-hop in a way that hip-hop devotees can dig.

Delivering some truthful and profoundly touching lyrics about his immigrant experiences over the atmospheric beats, he puts the listener in his shoes and makes them feel the near-inhumane experiences he went through.

But it is not all doom and gloom; there is also that element of making it out of the gutter…not just him but also his friends, as highlighted in that memorable chorus about how they are now living out their dreams!

“Young Brown Immigrant” has an accompanying high-standard music video that fits perfectly to the track’s narrative with those acted scenes that go hand-in-hand with the lyrics. The dancers also add that elegance and flair to the eye-catching video…props to everyone who was involved in making this a success.

If you are in the mood for something that will both inspire and entertain you, “Young Brown’s Immigrant” is the one!

In such a short period since it was released, this banger already has over 13K views. Follow the attached YouTube link, subscribe to AKB’s Indian Dentist Rapper YouTube channel, like this video, and add this tune to your playlist.

To stay up close and personal with AKB, follow him on his Instagram page and other socials

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