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Find Yourself Lost in the Rhythmic Glory of Alaskan Rhino Astonishing Single “da di di di”

Alaskan Rhino has steadily risen from the underground sector to the forefront of electronic music producers, becoming one of the scene’s most productive producers. We’re just halfway through 2021, yet we’re already getting more and more hits from Alaskan Rhino.

We’re transported into a little antiquated, the partly warped domain of rhythm and cinematic intensity from the opening weight and color of “da di di di.” The tune is followed by a sort of sequel at only 40 seconds — a fuzzy rise and fall led by the bass.

Beautiful sound design results in a spacious, minimalist set-up in every scenario, and it is this, together with the retro synth selections and hefty, modern beats, that lends In and Out such a distinct personality.

“da di di di” is a standout track, balancing powerful synths and drum work with a lighter melody layer for a totally immersive, recognized progression. The most unforgettable track for its simple yet delightful loops, as well as the Alaskan Rhino’s trademark use of structural unpredictability.

Towards the final third, the earlier synths evolve into a full-throttle EDM explosion, enveloping you with a faster electronic rhythm, a certain fullness, and a detailed soundscape that seems to move faster and faster – taking your body and mind with it.

What a unique and refreshing bit of music. As out-of-the-ordinary as you could want, but never at the expense of musical expertise, thoughtful writing, or professionalism. In reality, this is one of 2021’s most musically engaging and fulfilling releases, and the production, on top of everything else, is superb.



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