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Eclectic singer and songwriter Amanda Cherie is here with an imposing dose of that “Lullaby”

A representation of everything unique, complex and equally charming is one sufficiently gifted multi-genre singer and songwriter Amanda Cherie who posseses a matchless ability to mine inspiration from whichever source; past, present and future included to create music that somewhat transcends the basic human understanding. In a way, it challenges its listener to think deeper so as to decipher the message. Lest you mistake her for an alien, I can confirm that her music is real-life inspired, she sings about things you probably have thought of or experienced…only that she sets herself apart in her delivery to drive the point home and engineer resonance!

Now that we are at least on the same page, I’d like to inform you of her new masterpiece, dubbed “Lullaby.” An unmistakably high-quality sound that bears Amanda’s indelible imprint as she pours her heart and soul into a marvelously sounding sad ballad!

I just love how the piano melodies are hit fondly and softly, with Amanda whispering to the depths of your soul with her impassioned, cottony, and glossy voice. And the way she sings—it’s as if she’s live performing the song for you!

Throughout this self-inspired track, Amanda lets a listener savor the opacity and the heterogeneity of her stylistic caliber as she unleashes an astonishing bouquet that highlights the impeccable talent of an affable mistress of musicianship—you really can’t deny her that!

Sometimes it’s okay to get lost in your own lonely thoughts and perhaps relive those moments within the spheres of that boredom to really fathom what isolation feels like when you don’t want it to. It might have dawned on me, with time and almost inconceivably, the imperceptible difference between feeling happy and actually being happy!

Genre-defying, heartfelt, and emotive, I don’t see a reason why anybody would deny “Lullaby!”

Follow the attached link and let these soulful melodies accompanied by that theatrical performance make you or break you; whichever way you prefer as long as it is with “Lullaby” by your side!

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