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Chicago-based teen artist, Anonymous17, breaks the mold with her new EP, “HAND HELD WITH ROUGH EDGES”

Chicago-based artist, Anonymous17, brings a fresh, yet tried-and-tested style of music to the table with her 6-track EP, “HELD WITH ROUGH EDGES.” This product of the pandemic was co-written by her and co-producer, Chip Altholz. However, a couple of tracks like “I Love You,” were penned by her close friend, Nick Bak, and “Love Work Dance,” was written by another close friend, Don Moody.

This EP cuts across various styles and genres, showcasing Anonymous17’s creative finesse. It encompasses pop sensibilities, nu-disco influences, synth wave, and hyper-retro pop. This marks a departure from the typical pop arrangement, yet it still exudes the charm and appeal fans adore in this kind of experimental music.

This new EP offers a diverse range of both ambient and lively music, perfect for unwinding and introspection. The carefully curated tracks will surely delight both existing fans and newcomers alike. Anonymous17’s commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of music with this EP identifies her as a true cultural phenomenon.

The reason behind the distinctiveness of every song in this EP can be attributed to the desire of Anonymous17 to showcase her artistic versatility. Hence, each song is uniquely crafted to exhibit a diverse range of creative expression.

The opening track, “Love Light Peace Harmony,” featuring Sofia Hall, carries a deeply inspirational message. It showcases Anonymous17’s experimental and ambitious approach to music. This song is moody and introspective.

To bring her vision to life, Anonymous17 allows Sofia’s voiceover to take the spotlight. With Anonymous17 taking a laid-back approach to this song and allowing Sofia to shine, she displays her talents beyond just her vocal abilities. The subtle saxophone flourishes and warm basslines add depth and color to this masterpiece.

“Love Work Dance” is a 90’s-inspired dance pop tune with trance sensibilities, and it feels transcendental. Anonymous17 is a genius for bringing the ancient, the classical, and the erudite together with electronic melody to fashion a soundtrack for drama films.

It is quite surreal to hear Anonymous17’s classical vocals over the vibrant tempo of the song, which makes a listener float in avant-garde waves, transporting a listener on a profound experience and journey of reflection, and we fly away. “Love Work Dance” really is a sensational and wonderful cosmic soundscape.

“Help” is on the same level, not just with Anonymous17’s dreamy angelic vocals, but with her brilliant music composition. This track is highlighted by Anonymous17’s haunting vocal performance, which is backed by ethereal synths and chilling soundscapes. This tune is an enticing avant-garde experience and the perfect addition to any electronic playlist.

You can’t really understand what Anonymous17 did that makes “Together Forever” so evocative and unforgettable. Only that she does, and she elevates a listener, spiritually, somehow closer to the greater force that many call god, destiny, or the universe. This tune is an ode to the 70s club music that everyone was dancing to with carefree abandon.

“I Love U” is spellbinding and allures the listener like a siren with its magic portion and shimmering mystique line that is contained in the vocals. It all flows like a single unit in a beautiful harmony that is often accompanied by insights and epiphanies.

There’s something quite unexplainable in “HAND HELD WITH ROUGH EDGES” EP, a phenomenon that can’t be explained by logic. Anonymous17 makes you think about avant-garde music in new and fresh ways—a form that is essentially about the unknown.

And to think this EP was birthed from a hand-held mic makes it even more intriguing!

“HAND HELD WITH ROUGH EDGES” is the first of three EPs that Anonymous17 will be releasing on Pink Records this year…the more reason to be excited for any music lover out there.

For now, you get to sink your teeth into this 6-track musical masterpiece that I feel is both futuristic and retro all at the same time!

Follow the attached link and enjoy it as much as Anonymous17 enjoyed making it!

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