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Wearing the Peacemaker Hat Is the Rap Ambassador Anthony Levone With the Single “Peacekeepers” Ft. FOOLY23


Anthony Levone Fooly23 PeacekeepersAnthony Levone is a 25-year-old rap sensation hailing from Sunny West Palm Beach, Florida who seeks to revolutionize the essence and tonality of hip-hop sound; to him, hip-hop is way more than the addictive melting and explosive beats and the words behind the lyrics do matter in as much as their impact and influence to a listener is concerned. Coming through draped in fresh, articulate, diverse and dynamic clothes, he blends the lyrical dexterity he possesses with the splendor of inspiration rap flows behind some imposing hip-hop beats. His style of flow resonates with the conscious, rap, and poetic brilliant phenomenons of the likes of J Cole, Nas and Common.

Levone has been endearingly touching the hearts of hip-hop music listeners worldwide with his impressive catalog boasting of over 30,000 streams on digital platforms. He is just getting started and has vowed to influence the music world with inspirational and impactful bangers throughout this year and the next! Draped in a fresh encouraging rap coat, he is back with another global anthem dubbed “Peacekeepers” featuring fellow rapper Fooly23. This tune is available for streaming on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Everything you need to know is in the title and Levone like a global ambassador for peace takes on the moment with calm maturity and delightful demeanor as he ebbs and flows effortlessly on the beats like water on a stream- spitting some lyrically educative bars and in perfect sync to the hip-hop beats that are in abundance! His message is as deep as it gets as he implores the occupants of the world to keep and maintain peace. In these eras of insanity and where atrocity has permeated the world, we need this message more than ever- without peace in countries, hoods, continents, and so on; we will perish!

Fooly23, like a cherry on top of this melodious cake, takes the message home in his own unequivocal ability. This is a universal anthem and should be played out on every occasion there is to help pass the message of peace. Follow the attached link, subscribe to Levone’s YouTube channel, watch the official lyric video, save it and share it to spread the positive vibes and message of peace, love, and harmony!

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