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Eclectic musician and producer Anya Randall Nebel is set to release her new EP, “Random.”

Offering an eclectic spectrum of synthetic soundscapes for your auditory pleasure, Anya Randall Nebel is on an expedition to push the limits of sound design while maintaining tangible subjects through her compositions. Influenced heavily by legendary storytellers of all time and a wide variety of musical genres and styles, Anya aims to evoke the same melodic sentiments you experienced during the early 2000s to now, even in genres that fall outside her comfort zone, embodying music as a journey, just like life. She does not believe in limitations when it comes to her creative self-expression, and that is why she has been dedicated to stretching the limits of her imagination by exploring various sounds and styles, from classical jazz and R&B to rock and EDM.

Delving into uncharted territories and soundscapes is where she excels most, enabling her to create unique and accessible sounds that resonate with depth and authenticity. With her potent creations, which draw inspiration from real-world events and the primal emotions that drive us as humans, she hopes to leave an enduring impression. Buckle up and enjoy this genre-defying ride where everything absolutely goes!

Anya is currently getting ready to release her new EP, “Random,” a 5-track collection that sees her delve into the world of classical jazz with EDM-reinvented soundscapes for one memorable listening experience that a listener cannot deny.

I had the pleasure of listening to this project, and it is such an honor to divulge some of its content to you and give you a glimpse of what to expect when this project officially drops on all the streaming platforms on December 8, 2023.

“Anyone Had A Heart” emerges from a dulcet production, feeling like a tune meticulously crafted from the ground up. The intro features some captivating classical rhythms and melodies backed by gently nourished vocals that slink with such emotions and lucidity. As the track progresses, so does the intensity, thanks to the powerful and highly energetic electronic components that allure a listener like a siren! This is the kind of energy that fuels your heartbeat as you revel in such irresistible vivacity.

“For A Few Dollars Extended” is an enchanting track that instantly compels you to dance with abandon. The intro is inviting, and the ensuing arrangement elevates that feeling tenfold. You’ve got to appreciate the punctilious attention to detail required to create such a haunting masterpiece that takes up residence in its listener’s brain and refuses to let go even after the track is no more!

“Moonlight Sonata” opens with an intense presence. This song echoes the freedom that moonlit nights offer—the freedom to explore and be yourself as the light serves as your guide—by having such a hard-hitting bass that rattles the floor, flanked by rickety synths and explosive electronic melodies. Each note pulsates like a heartbeat; each rhythm evokes a memory, guiding a listener through a euphoric journey they long to revisit. As you listen through, crank up the volume and let the melodies rekindle the magic.

“Crazy” is also a powerful and emotive piece, featuring relatable themes and delightful vocals that glide over an equally engaging soundscape, captivating listeners deeply.

“Symphony 40” features a steady rhythmic arrangement that envelops the listener like a warm embrace. The beat slaps like hell, yet the music feels so heavenly—one that gets you completely lost in it as you dance the night away like no one’s watching…even though they probably are!

This ladies and gentlemen, is what to expect from the enigmatic enchantress herself when the calendar hits December 8, 2023—a collection made to stand the test of time and allure like a magnet!

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