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Alternative rap duo Arcane-Gel delivers a soul-grabbing performance with their latest single, “Fish Bowl Furnishings”.

In the ever-expanding musical landscape where genres fuse and confines fade, emerges Arcane-Gel, a rapidly rising alternative rap duo who possess a knack for defying conventions with their enchanting melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and dynamic rhythms. This distinguished duo is making a significant mark on the industry, weaving the best of rap and progressive hip-hop together into a sound that is uniquely theirs. And they are not only focused on their own individual journeys but also strive to share their experiences and emotions with their fans. This has endeared them to a massive following that streams their music in the tens of thousands. As Arcane-Gel continues to rise, they remain committed to pushing their creative boundaries and delivering music that defies categorization.

“Fish Bowl Furnishings” is the latest addition to their already impressive discography. This track is a single from their new 4-song EP, “CONvol.3UTION” that is streaming on all platforms.

One thing that is noticeable about this track is actually how deep it is. It is one of those tracks that will have you deconstructing from line to line if you are to decipher the meaning behind the lyrics. It is also apparent that the motivation behind the lyrics was something personal for either of them, relating to upbringing and life’s challenges.

The depth of the lyricism is delightfully complemented by the skillful execution of the music. The powerful guitars blend energetically with the intense drums, providing a captivating backdrop to attractively supplement the scene-stealing rap deliveries.

Overall, this track is heavy on poetic references, accentuated by the equally metaphorical chorus.

This is some conscious-level craft on display and one that deserves to be in any rap or hip-hop playlist.

Check out the link below to stream, add and share “Fish Bowl Furnishings” with your friends. To connect with Arcane-Gel and receive real-time updates, check out their X handle @ ArcaneGel_4real.

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