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Chicago’s finest DJ and Producer Arkadiusz Van Born’s “How Will I Know” is a super funky dance-inducing masterpiece!

Self-appointed godfather of EDM music, Arkadiusz Van Born has been hailed as one of Chicago’s most prolific rising stars when it comes to the EDM music space. Everything he touches absolutely turns to gold, as he has mastered a certain unadulterated proficiency for seamlessly blending the EDM sounds and their subsequent sub-sounds to engineer something that motivates just about anyone capable of moving their bodies with reckless abandon. He is the real dance floor annihilator who delivers music flavored with deep and vibrant life. Striving to create tracks that move the crowd, he has also found a way to integrate emotional lyrics and stylization that is coherently blended with the heavy sound and drops to get the crowd moving and singing along in no time!

Specializing in deep melodic house sounds that spark that fire within, Arkadiusz Van Born’s “How Will I Know” is a transcending, deeply melodious house track that exudes some summer-ready vibes in its entirety.

This is a tune that translates on any dancefloor globally owing to its scintillating features; right from the intro, the deep beats jump at a listener, fleshing out that seamless blend of strong rhythm and melody. You’ve got to appreciate Van Born’s craftsmanship in the way he adroitly peppers this sensational tune with sexy female vocals, supplementing them further with the equally seductive and subtly whispered male ones.

“How Will I Know” feels very intimate and is one that triggers some summer memories that are bound to stay with you forever as you dance like no one’s watching to these incredibly vibrant melodies born of genuine mastery of the EDM sound.

“How Will I Know” is complemented by a visually stunning and eye-catching music video of a woman dancing in what is seemingly depicted as a rainstorm to highlight the marvelously trippy impact of this banger.

To listen and dance along to this epic masterpiece; follow the attached link, subscribe to Arkadiusz Van Born’s YouTube channel, like it, share your thoughts in the comment section, and push the notification button for more of this type of dance-inducing melodies.

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