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Arman Karégar: A Tribute to Music and Memories

Picture Arman Karégar on a solitary island, a resplendent tableau of serenity nestled amidst the eternal embrace of the ocean’s gentle waves. It’s a place he found by following the siren call of wanderlust, each step leading him deeper into the embrace of the sea, “walking too far from home” in pursuit of his creative musings. The moonlight bathes this lone soul in a silvery glow, and the melodious serenade of the sea becomes their only company as he walks into the cabin.

In this metaphoric landscape, where the room is adorned with candles casting a soft, flickering light, and the sound of gently lapping water and seagulls fills the air, Arman Karégar sits at a piano, sipping wine, and reminiscing about his musical journey. A grand piano stands before him, its ebony and ivory keys waiting to bring forth the melodies of his memories.

As Arman Karégar looks around the room, the soft candlelight dances upon his surroundings, casting intricate patterns upon the walls. It’s a room adorned with the echoes of his musical legacy, much like the lyrics he wrote, accompanied by his touching piano melodies. Each lyric and melody etched into the very fabric of his being. It’s as if he’s transported back to a night when he was inspired to venture to this distant island, a place where his creative soul found solace in the midst of nature’s beauty.

The soft flickering light of the candles mirrors the memories of “the golden sunrise,” those moments when the sun used to rise and bring light to his life. He remembers the times when he and his love “sipped rum” and watched the world go by, feeling like they were on top of the world. “Hey, we were too young so how could we know it,” he whispers to the sea, the lyrics a reminder of the innocence and passion of youth.

As Arman gazes out at the moonlit waves, he reflects on the past, remembering the love that once filled his heart. The ocean’s gentle rhythm provides a comforting backdrop to his musings, like a metronome ticking to the memories of songs long gone. “I wanna feel the ocean, motion of love, wave after wave to let go,” he thinks, the lyrics encapsulating the yearning and desire that has been the essence of his music.

In this moment, on this solitary island, Arman Karégar finds solace in the melodies and lyrics that have shaped his life. Each lyric, like a beacon, guides him through the labyrinth of his memories, reminding him of the love, the beauty, and the creative journey that defined his existence. “I guess the more you love the more it hurts,” he reflects, the lyrics a testament to the depth of emotion he poured into his art.

As the waves continue their gentle serenade, Arman knows that winter is on its way again, and that the freezing touch of the frost will turn the ocean into a glistening “ice rink.”, just like the one where he had his first kiss. It’s a reminder of how time transforms everything, much like his own music has evolved through the years.

In the quietude of this island, Arman Karégar’s music will forever resonate, a legacy that will be carried by those who’ve enjoyed his artistry. The melodies and lyrics he penned will endure, touching the hearts of listeners far and wide.

And so, under the watchful gaze of the moon and the ever-whispering waves, we say, “Thank you, Arman Karégar, for sharing your soul through your music. Your legacy will forever be carried by us, your listeners, as we continue to find solace and inspiration in the timeless beauty of your songs.

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