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Global electronic music superstar Aruhtra’s “Ray of Sunshine” evokes the carefree spirit of a sun-soaked weekend getaway.

UK-bred international electronic music producer and DJ, Aruhtra, is a name that resonates with vibrancy across the global dance music space, thanks to his ingenious creations and mixes that consistently get audiences dancing with energy and enthusiasm. Experiencing just one night of Aruhtra’s performance is transformative, leaving a lasting impact on audiences. He has mastered the art of crowd control, consistently drawing his audiences into a state of musical euphoria and leaving a lasting imprint with his energetic live mixes.

“Ray of Sunshine” is a scintillating future house music masterpiece that seamlessly blends signature elements of the genre to create an infectious and euphoric listening experience. The expertly crafted introduction sets the tone with warm and inviting mellow keys, paving the way for the entrance of Scott Lucille’s guest vocals. Lucille’s voice adds a layer of anthemic allure to the composition, creating a perfect synergy with the catchy lyrics that invite listeners to sing as they dance along to the inviting beat.

As the track progresses, that energetic allure is unleashed. Marked by the deep driving beat, pulsating synths, resonant pads, and compelling bassline, the track captures the essence of a holiday getaway with its vibrant and uplifting atmosphere.

Aruhtra’s production prowess is evident throughout the track, as each element is meticulously arranged to deliver a dynamic and engaging musical journey. “Ray of Sunshine” stands as a testament to Aruhtra’s command of the house music genre, offering a professional and captivating sound that resonates with both seasoned enthusiasts and casual listeners alike. The song’s ability to evoke the carefree spirit of a sun-soaked holiday makes it a standout addition to the realm of contemporary house music.

If you are looking for something to boost your playlist, then this is an obvious masterpiece that is undeniable to its listeners and is the perfect addition to any electronic dance music playlist!


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