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Genre-bending songstress Avaraj is back with her new catchy, infectious, and relatable single “Ghost Me.”


Music has always been the beating heart of Georgia-based singer-songwriter Avaraj, who prides herself on making songs that cross genre lines while still retaining instant appeal. Under her magic spell, pop, rap, rock, and R&B dance and fuse, backed by the lyrical depth of her powerful words that contribute to the emotional resonance of her music. Her music is more felt and experienced than heard—it unfolds like chapters of your life. It is bold and atmospheric, not only entertaining you but also helping you cope with whatever you are going through! Separating her from her art would be tantamount to stripping away the very threads of her life.

She is back with a new catchy, infectious, and deeply relatable sing-along anthem, “Ghost Me” that is straightforward and danceable, featuring a captivating blend of rhythm and melodies and infectious energy throughout its length.

The striking guitar intro lays a dulcet tone, and once the song starts gaining pace, the stunningly infectious pop melodies jump at a listener with memorable appeal. On the mic, Avaraj is her usual bold, expressive, energetic, and passionate self, breathing life with raw lyrics that are straight to the point when it comes to ghosting.

The driving percussion adds depth, a clear polish, and an exquisite touch to this jam, giving it an undoubtedly familiar feel. It makes the song feel funky thanks to its memorable rhythmicity, which will continue haunting a listener outside of the song.

We’ve all had these people in our lives who ghost and disappear for no reason, only to want to creep back into our lives. Well, with “Ghost Me,” the message is loud and clear, if you indeed want and wish to disappear from someone’s life, just do it as no one is stopping you…just ensure that you do it for good!

A flavorful jam with danceable allure, “Ghost Me” is an easy recommendation for lovers of catchy music with that carefree energy and cheerful spirit.

Let’s add this masterpiece to our favorite playlists, shall we?


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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