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The incredibly gifted Louisiana-Based artist Ayo Kia unveils the “Gone” EP: A soul-stirring journey through love and heartbreak.

Ayo Kia is no ordinary artist; she is an explosive wordsmith who effortlessly blurs the lines between rapper and artist. Since she stepped into the music ring with the critically acclaimed debut, “Before I Go,” she has never looked back. Her rise has been a steady stream of success and dominance, forging her own path in a traditionally male-dominated industry, taking it by storm with her peerless gifts. She always comes back harder with tracks oozing charisma, raw talent, and critically deserved acclaim.

Showcasing her vocal prowess and vulnerable songwriting, Kia unveils a compelling 7-song EP, “Gone,” marking her prowess as a versatile artist seamlessly blending the worlds of rap and soul-stirring R&B. This timeless collection navigates the intricate landscapes of love’s complexities, heartbreak, and societal reflections, showcasing Kia’s limitless creativity as both a storyteller and performer.

The EP’s opener, “did you love me” sets the tone with its infectious old-school R&B vibes, melded with an upbeat rhythm, striking bassline, and powerful synths. Kia’s soulful vocals depict feelings of loneliness and loss, seamlessly transitioning into heartfelt rap bars, capturing the essence of heartbreak and longing. The poignant lines, “Did you mean it when you said that you love me,” encapsulate the track’s emotive theme.

In “if that’s how you feel,” Kia blends emotive vocals with lyrical finesse, delving into a plea for honesty in relationships. Her rap delivery showcases a female emcee with a hunger to assert her lyrical dexterity, hitting all the right emotional notes with her expressive vocals.

“promise” emerges as a standout track, boasting ear-catching background vocalization atop a silky-smooth and compelling R&B soundscape. Kia’s emotive delivery adds depth, harmonizing seamlessly with the anthem-like hook, “That’s what you promised, that’s what you promised me” that will keep on playing over your head long after the final notes fade away.

“winning” bursts forth with futuristic sounds, blending resounding 808s, synths, and a compelling bassline, while Kia effortlessly straddles the lines between singing and rapping, crafting an empowering anthem of self-assurance.

Closing the EP, “i wasn’t supposed to be like this” takes a turn towards social and political commentary, laying bare Kia’s rap prowess and lyrical depth. The captivating hook, “I wasn’t supposed to be like this” sets the tone for the song as Kia goes on a thought-provoking lyrical exploration of societal issues, unapologetically addressing pertinent matters without hesitation.

“Gone” is such an easy recommendation to any R&B and hip-hop lover and a shining example of Kia’s tremendous talent and relentless dedication to her craft.


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