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Bad Ass Beauty shines brightly throughout an impressively eclectic concoction of soul and rock in “4 Horsemen.”

Bad Ass Beauty - 4 Horsemen

Bad Ass Beauty is a phenomenally gifted R&B vocalist treading on her own eccentric musical path that features a strong concoction of indie, alternative, and hard rock. She blends and mixes these styles with soul, not caring which rules go where…as long as she can make it work, then it has already achieved what it set out to, making it a success!

After working with several bands and touring with them, she is now stepping into her own power as a working musician with songs that can be described as lyrical, energetic, and intimate. Even as an artist whose goal is to remain vulnerable, it can be challenging to surrender personal memories and emotions to audiences, but her voice is unique and hers, and she really has a lot to say as evidenced in her new single, “4 Horsemen.”

This masterpiece stands tall as a demonstration of Bad Ass Beauty’s presence and the poetic contemplation of her songwriting. This is a classic example of hard rock meets soul, and the result of that is something invigorating and sentimental as well.

Soulfully breathing life over the arena-show-ready rock melodies, Bad Ass Beauty exudes the attitude of an artist who lives to create. Her powerful vocals lusciously slink with depth and maturity, singing straight from her heart and soul into the arms of an eagerly listening audience.

“4 Horsemen” is a nostalgically diverse and purposeful track with a mighty amount of crunchy riffs, earworming hooks, and wonder to escape into. Bad Ass Beauty conveys a warm, deeply energetic core throughout, earning this masterpiece immediate authenticity.

This is Bad Ass Beauty’s second-ever single following her February tune “Me” and is also the title track to her upcoming album that is expected this fall—a project that is expected to be a projection of Bad Ass Beauty’s life; the struggles, feminine power, triumph…in short, a peek into her very person!

“4 Horsemen” is what a sound invention looks like. Follow the attached link and add this masterpiece to your library.

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