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“Laugh Cap” by the electronic, synth-pop, and new wave artist and poet, Bad Bubble is reflective of a world marked by inevitable loneliness.

Bad Bubble recently launched his latest EP titled “All My Friends” where he dives deep into themes of loneliness and isolation, capturing the raw feelings of pain, sadness, and alienation that come with it. Borrowing inspiration from personal experiences and emotions as someone who has been grappling with loneliness for almost a decade…yeah, you read that right, almost a decade—Bad Bubble bares his soul over an excellent production, showcasing such poetic excellence and honest, vulnerable storytelling in a way that perhaps isn’t done enough in the music industry today.

I choose to view this EP as a timely reminder that there is no shame in vulnerability and nothing really to be gained from pushing your feelings down. Having weathered life’s storms and battled personal demons all alone, Bubble often creates powerful art through his struggles, and “All My Friends” is a shining example of that.

The single “Laugh Cap” is a piece off of the EP and one deeply sentimental body of work that delves into the core of loneliness and its haunting impact. As friends come and go, with countless bridges burned, Bubble salvages meaningful lessons from the smoldering wreckage using the tools of his trade.

A mix of expertly combined notes, chords, synths, and drums here provide the vital outlet for intense emotions and impactful lessons, with the resounding message being that ‘people are not good’.

As he delves into the depths of his psyche, Bad Bubble bares his soul, narrating moments of loneliness and the weight of isolation, backed by honest, introspective, and thought-spurring lyrics.

The intricate wordplay showcases Bubble’s ability to craft vivid imagery, immersing listeners in his lonely world and leaving them with something to ponder about long after the final notes have disappeared.

What are you still waiting for? “Laugh Cap” is here, and it is beautifully melancholic and haunting in scope and lyricism and really deserves to be in the spotlight.

Follow the link below, make sure you subscribe to Bad Bubble’s YouTube channel, like the complementary visual that are as stunning and powerful as the song itself, share your thoughts in the comment section, and add the song to your playlist.

Dive into Bubble’s artistry and find out more about his creative endeavors by checking his Instagram profile.


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