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Eclectic electronic and synth-pop indie artist “Bad Bubble’s album, “Socks Off,” is guaranteed to transport you to different realms.

It is the warm, lush, full-bodied, and sometimes ambient soundscapes that make you feel like you are floating in paradise, or perhaps the skillfully sculptured synthetic and new wave melodies with nostalgic influences that take you back to sometime in the 70s, early 80s, and 90s, when you might have been a young kid, accompanying your parents somewhere, with music blasting through the car stereo system. Although the musical content may have been too complex to decipher at that time, you kind of liked how the music felt in your ears and enjoyed the vibrations. If any artist can capture that era of our lives, it’s Bad Bubble, a cosmic explorer of sound and emotion, bringing nothing but the highest quality music.

Socks Off” is a 10-piece project with something for everyone; those who like their sound laid-back and a bit more ambient, those who prefer danceable music with a little bit of vibrant life, and those who love ethereal and immersive tunes…Bubble has got you covered!

You will certainly feel the transportive vibe of the opening track, “Despondent Noir“; The way it whisks you away into another realm is undeniable. It engulfs a listener’s soul and transports them into worlds where worries are washed away and music takes over, offering much-needed respite from the harsh realities of life.

There is that haunting and consistently cinematic melodic and harmonic arrangement, with every element in this instrumental piece working in close tandem with another to authenticate the perfect music to unwind to. The piano holds a strong presence over the melodic arrangement and gives it that filmic thrill!

As the expertly crafted melodies in “A Promise” make contact with our ears, we can’t help but feel seduced as we get transported to another blissful place that is nostalgic and joyful. This tune has a danceable quality and features dreamy, enchanting, and captivating vocals that pirouette and oscillate through the soundscape with an irresistible allure.

With an electro-pop melodic feel, this track is energetic and uplifting, but there is a very immersive, ethereal side to the arrangement that gives it that distinctive psychedelic flourish.

Hello Killer” has a foreboding quality and is darkly haunting, with a very balanced vocal and instrumental arrangement displaying some incredibly dynamic parts and a melodic backdrop that really adds more ambience and personality to the overall track.

Anxiety Number 5” features a hypnotic beat and captivating synth melodies that are strikingly cinematic; this makes for a very rich and dynamic sonic landscape that haunts the listener outside of the song. The enchanting vocal performance soars through the instruments, establishing itself as one of the main components in the mix without overpowering the rest of the song.

Galaxy Girl” feels as if galaxies have collided, and there is a collision of rhythm and melody backed by such a powerful vocal presentation to create an otherworldly experience that perfectly mirrors the mood of exploring another planet and getting mesmerized by its otherworldly beauty.

Undeniably, the entirety of “Socks Off” will leave you feeling inspired and invigorated. Bad Bubble delivers a powerful performance in each track, demonstrating meticulous attention to detail. You may not even realize when the music ends – such is the strength of this project.

To sink your teeth into this stunning body of work, follow the attached link and relish every second you draw from it!

Follow Bad Bubble on Instagram to keep up with his music journey.

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