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Chicago-Based Passionate and Prolific Singer-Songwriter Bad Bubble Tells a Personal Story of Loss and Heartbreak in New Single “You’re Gonna Need More Roses”

Bad Bubble You're Gonna Need More Roses

We’re no strangers to the intoxicating blend of electronic, synthpop, and new wave that Chicago-based singer-songwriter Bad Bubble brings to the table. With his cosmic, ambient sound, this passionate and prolific artist has a knack for weaving together dream pop and synth elements, creating intricate vocal arrangements that range from warm to icy processed stylings. Fans have been captivated by his ambitious self-released multi-album, multi-EP, and multi-single project, boasting over 160 songs written in just three short months – all dedicated to his daughter, Anna. Bad Bubble’s unwavering dedication to his craft resonates deeply with a new generation of musicians and fans alike.

Despite being fiercely independent, Bad Bubble has gained a loyal following and is making a name for himself in the music world with his unique sound and powerful lyrics. His latest single, “You’re Gonna Need More Roses,” released on March 28, 2023, is an attestation to his artistry and dedication.

“You’re Gonna Need More Roses” showcases his signature cosmic, ambient sound that melds dream pop and synth elements to create an otherworldly experience. The song features intricate vocal arrangements with multiple harmonies that range from warm to icy processed vocal stylings, captivating listeners at every turn.

The mood of the song is dreamy and romantic, with an upbeat electronic synthpop sound. The theme of the song is the idea that the subject of the song will need to put in more effort if they want to win the heart of the artist. The memorable lyrics, “You’re gonna need more roses, if you expect to be my girl,” suggest that the artist is looking for someone who will go the extra mile to impress and woo them.

Bad Bubble revealed that his music is deeply personal and inspired by the people he has lost in his life. He admits that all of his songs are about who he was and who he is close with, and that he’s telling a story that took place a long time ago, but he’s still dealing with its after-effects. This raw and honest approach to songwriting is evident in “You’re Gonna Need More Roses,” where the lyrics suggest a desire to move forward while acknowledging the challenges that come with loss and heartbreak.

If you’re a fan of electronic, synthpop, and new wave fused into a modern, otherworldly experience infused with ’80s nostalgia, don’t miss “You’re Gonna Need More Roses” by Bad Bubble. This track is perfect for anyone seeking a fresh, innovative sound that truly resonates.

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