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Rapidly rising hip hop entertainer barwhoom has a new banger, “TRAUMATIZED” out on all streaming platforms.

barwhoom - TRAUMATIZED

When it comes to the generational hip-hop sound, very few artists are meaningfully impacting the fabrics of the genre, and that is why the up-and-coming Canadian star barwhoom has been quick to demand attention with his lyrical fluidity, expressing such awe-inspiring showmanship way beyond his years…at only 18 years of age, he has been able to showcase the strengths of his musicianship and prove that it does not matter where you come from, once the ball starts rolling in your passion, it simply never stops spinning!

After taking some time to hone his sound, both lyrically and sonically, barwhoom is back, bigger and better, and his debut single “TRAUMATIZED” is a huge demonstration of his limitless creativity both as a freestyle rapper and performer.

Throughout this performance, you will be made aware of a dynamic performer who just doesn’t like standing still. He switches his flows, cadence, and bars with the beats, shapeshifting in lyrical fashion to keep the listener enthralled and heavily invested, and before you know it, the track is no more!

Jetskiing over the heavy production with the punchline-heavy, mind-provoking wordplay and rapid-fire freestyle, barwhoom proves that he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as some of the top-rated lyrical rappers out there who are making global waves and receiving chart-topping receptions with their music.

“TRAUMATIZED” borrows from a tumultuous past in barwhoom’s life, and that is what makes it so special…you can understand and relate to the lyrics while also busting some moves to those groovy beats that slap like hell!

“TRAUMATIZED” is the mark of a lyrical engineer who is riding a meteoric wave into the top tier of the Canadian rap scene, and there is no stopping him…you better get used to the name barwhoom because you will be hearing a lot of it from now on!

To listen to “TRAUMATIZED” and add it to your music library, follow the attached link, and don’t forget to share this banger with any hip-hop purists you know of!

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