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Star Player BDE-Juan Has a Personal Inspired Album Dubbed, “MI Corazon Frio” That Is Out Everywhere!

BDE-Juan MI Corazon Frio

BDE-Juan was born and raised in Atlanta and he owes much of his appreciation and guidance growing up to his granddad who was there who there for him until his passing away. BDE-Juan is not all about the hype- he is always trying to pass a message through his dynamic and hard-hitting flows and you will realize that there is a certain indisputable star quality to his game that comes off from his productions and delivery. You really can tell that his rise and stay at the top is more than guaranteed.

He is back and this time he goes hard in an 8-collection album titled, “Mi Corazon Frio” which translates to, “my heart is cold”- and why is his heart cold, one might ask? Well he has suffered some disappointments along the way including the loss of his granddad, betrayal from people he thought were his friends, and even heartbreak from love which has made him numb and when he got into the studio, something that will blow your mind away was born. Every track stupendously transitions into the next whilst the album still manages to remain seamless as a logical body of art.

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There are so many straight favorites but I couldn’t help but dig more into the track, “2 Glocks 2 masks”- this is the opening track from the album and the greatest representation of BDE-Juan lyrical ability. I feel this is the most aggressive and punchline-heavy, containing an intoxicating concoction of diverse flows, infused with captivating energy and lyrical conviction. One of the hardest and most direct as he puts the fake n*ggas in their place lyrically! And those hauntingly familiar percussions stay in your mind forever- this was a straight favorite and I found myself just wanting to play it over and over again!

In “Player”, BDE-Juan features Chef Trez and both of them cook in this certified track. What entrances the senses of a listener is the raw and honest lyricism displayed here. The flows are clever and the way he impresses with his wordplay, and hard punchlines over the spectacularly produced beats will answer your question on why he is on 300 miles on a busy track. This tune is emotion-filled and an easy recommendation to anyone who appreciates raw honesty!

“042921” is a proper homage to his granddad and this tune is very emotional and touching from the intro all the way to the outro. You can feel there is so much pain in his voice for losing the most important person who was there for him throughout his life- molding him into the man that he is now. Even for the most emotionally stable persons, it’s hard not to get emotional and carried away from such a delivery as this!

The title track, “Mi Corazon Frio” is deserved and he featured fellow rapper XION MCKNIGHT and this track really captivates especially through the emotionally pulling chorus in between the intricate bars from the gentlemen on board. Detailing the anguish through pain, BDE-Juan offers a lyrical performance that is simply unforgettable!

His friends crucified him like he’s Jesus the way they crossed him and in what is an emotionally honest tune, BDE-Juan lays his numb feelings bare for all to hear in, “Dear Jesus” in which he features KaCe and true to his words, n*ggas be switching like scissors!

“Vroom!” is hot and blazing from the top and BDE-Juan rocks on this beat, riding on its wave like a rockstar and slays the beats with his sharp lyrical sword as he powers some witful bars and shoots them like an MVP Star on those playoff finals- in there he recognizes his bro Gino Groover who is a star baseball player at NC State.

There is so much to digest in the tune, “Wicked” and there is no way to end this like the way he does in, “End” featuring XION MCKNIGHT- going heavy and hitting hard like it was his last day on the mic-expect it isn’t!

There you go folks, this is a once in a generational collection that I’d hate to see you miss out on; follow the attached link and let these tracks grace your favorite playlist section this year and beyond!

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