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London-based musician Ben Wylie delivers a heartfelt performance with “Misery,” a symphony of heartbreak and loss!

As someone who was fascinated by the art of music at only 8 years of age, Ben Wylie’s insatiable passion for music has indeed become his biggest source of inspiration. Since then, he has been delving into the study of sound, striving to create music that will make hearts beat to the rhythm of the melodies. He likes to borrow from his own experiences in order to breathe relatable life into his music and ensure that he captures the listener right from the first notes. His goal is not just to create music, but also to convey feelings and emotions through each track. His overarching ambition is to cheer up, inspire, and give joy to everyone who listens to his music.

Ben Wylie returns with a heartfelt and beautiful pop-inspired track titled “Misery” that delves into his own thoughts and experiences with heartbreak. For me, this track stands out not only due to the emotional depth and weight it carries, but also for the seamless blend of melody and rhythm that accompany it.

This is a truly special beat, one that lingers even after the song ends. The drum and bass-driven foundation sets an incredible tone, contributing to the rhythmic-driven feel of the track and providing the perfect backdrop that delightfully complements Ben Wylie’s emotive vocals.

His words are raw and honest, depicting experiences with someone he truly loved, but unfortunately, the same energy and feelings were not reciprocated. He vividly paints these sad emotions over a hauntingly beautiful soundscape, allowing listeners to connect with his lyrics on a deeply personal level.

“Misery” is a captivating tour de force with replay value, and even as we acclaim the lyrical depth, we have to commend such production to create a beat that is compelling and elevates the track to new heights.

It is easy to feel this track as it has been written from a personal point of view, and the heartfelt way it has been executed leaves nothing to be desired.

To add “Misery” to your playlist, simply follow the attached link, and consider recommending it to a friend.

Follow Ben Wylie on his Instagram page to get up-close and personal with him.


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