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Big Bus Dream’s new album, “Hello” is finally out and every bit worth the fanfare!

Big Bus Dream, the musical alter ego of one Mike Shannon, continues to evolve. His journey is one to watch as he continues pushing the boundaries of what’s expected and what’s possible. With each new release, he pushes the boundaries of genre and narrative, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of discovery and introspection. And in a music industry often saturated with similarity, Big Bus Dream shines as a project of genuine innovation, emotional depth, and artistic integrity. He is always proving that music’s true power lies in its ability to connect, challenge, and inspire.

After the positive acclaim that his debut album, “C’mon Dream” generated, Big Bus Dream is back with the aim of taking us through his dreamy landscape, a place far, far away where the images have been retrieved from his dreams and visions and breathed life with some alternative rock instrumentals and his distinctly rare velvety voice. He has just released his new project, “Hello” that is now steaming on all popular music platforms.

For fans and critics alike, “Hello” represents a refreshing departure from the norm. Big Bus Dream’s commitment to exploring challenging themes shines through this diverse musical palette, allowing him to not only carve out a unique niche for the project but also position himself as a voice of his generation, unafraid to tackle the nuances of love, loneliness, mental health, identity, and the search for meaning in a complex world…all vital components of our endless dreams.

“Hello” is a 12-song collection; offering 42 minutes and 32 seconds of a cathartic listening experience that will continue haunting you like ghosts of forgotten dreams, long after you are done listening.

To say the title track “Hello” hits with haunting allure feels like an understatement, even though it is true. The gist of this jam resides in those catchy, repeated, and memorable phrases that will continue lingering in the mind long after the final notes fade away. Big Bus Dream’s voice feels like some expensive Bourbon – so rich, smooth, and velvety as he glides over the splendid instrumentation brimming with virtuosic guitar techniques, solid bass, and punchy drums. The electric guitar chops add that spicy touch to an already affirmed tour de force.

There is also something special for the ladies in “Tell Me You Love Me.” Big Bus Dreams comes through gentle and vulnerable with genuine confessions of the heart. His rich, maple, and smooth voice tantalizes the senses and leaves a lasting impression. The smoothness of his voice glides effortlessly across the exquisite production, offering a velvety feel that lingers seductively, inviting you to savor every moment.

Imagine the warm embrace of “I Thought It Was Magic” enveloping you, mingling with hints of nostalgia and contemporary as you enjoy a cozy evening by a crackling fire…feels like magic, right?

What I can assure you is that each sip of “Hello” reveals layers of flavor, with notes of sweet melodies and captivating lyrics melding gracefully alongside subtle undertones of rock, folk, and punk. The choice to enjoy it rests solely on you; whether neat, on the rocks, or in a classic cocktail, the music promises an exquisite sensory experience that ignites the soul and beckons you to indulge in its timeless allure!


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