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Indie alternative rock artist Big Bus Dreams is set to release his eagerly awaited single, “Hello.”

Big Bus Dreams, the alter ego of Mike Shannon, is a musician whose music is inspired by his dreams and visions, skillfully transformed into hauntingly beautiful bodies of work that are compelling and irresistible. His journey in music has been one of constant discovery and evolution. He prides himself on a unique sound inspired by his dreams, which means that there is no single day his tap of musical inspiration will ever run dry; as long as he can dream, he can create music. After garnering positive buzz with his full-length project, “C’mon Dream,” Big Bus is gearing up for the release of the second installment called “Hello.” The title track is expected to drop officially on February 9, 2024.

This is an eagerly awaited masterpiece, as Big Bus Dreams’ ever-expanding fanbase eagerly anticipates what he has prepared for them, their appetites are at an all-time high having already experienced what this musical genius is capable of delivering.

What listeners can expect is a raw masterpiece that does not depart from its dream-based inspirations. This captivating tune aims to transport listeners, making them feel the vastness of the dreams it explores. This is a direct flight into a particular night, inside Big Bus Dreams’ headspace, as the visions unravel in real-time.

From what I’ve already gathered, this is a haunting, compelling, catchy, and infectious piece guaranteed to linger in the mind long after the song is no more.

The splendid alternative rock foundation wraps around a listener like a warm embrace as Big Bus Dreams’ distinctly captivating vocals breathe life in the most alluring of ways. He immediately transports you into his world, allowing you to find your own personal connection with his words.

Mark your calendar for February 9, 2024, and get ready to receive something that transcends all manner of boundaries, existent or imagined.

To keep up with Big Bus Dreams and receive real-time updates on this and so much more, check his website at


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