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Michigan-based emcee BigMoneyGuap has a new EP dubbed “Rome Based.”

BigMoneyGuap is a hip hop recording artist and songwriter based out of Detroit, Michigan, who comes through with a style fit for radio, while still maintaining a gritty and street sound. His uniqueness positions him to be on pace to be the next big authentic sound in hip-hop and rap. Hard work, a relentless work ethic, and unwavering determination are all embedded within BMG’s character as he seeks to make his mark globally, one record at a time. His popularly acclaimed “Love Letter” project introduced to the music world a phenomenally gifted artist with limitless creativity and versatility.

Prepare to be moved by the soul-stirring sounds of BigMoneyGuap as he unveils his latest project, dubbed “Rome Based,” a 6-track project that was inspired by an Italian producer named Sorspy that he worked with.

“Rome Based” fits the description of short and sweet,” with BMG opting for quality over quantity in a project that is brimming with everything rap and thought-inspiring observations.

The opening track “Passion” sees BMG ride over the beats with slick efficiency as he lands some rhythmically mesmerizing flows with an artful ferocity. Indeed, his ‘passion’ for the craft is on high display here.

That beat in “State Dreams” is hypnotic to say the least; it’s very powerful, and BMG’s voice, like always, is expressive, ideal for the style. This banger is a display of the artist’s storytelling abilities, with vivid lyrics that paint a picture in a listener’s mind.

In the track “Flight After Flight”, BMG unleashes some smooth, rapid-fire freestyle flows, showcasing his lyrical dominance and freakish cadence. The music video for this track is expected to drop very soon, and it is worth checking out!

“2bullies” has such a vibe, with BMG’s distinct voice blending effortlessly and swiftly with the beat like a dual clutch transmission to authenticate a memorable performance worthy of his title!

The last track, “Always Up,” sees him link up with the Italian producer Sorspy, and together, they go on to make a marvelous mess off the beat, starting off with Italian-inspired rhymes before BMG transports a listener to yet another dimension, evoking a range of emotions.

“Rome Based” is a masterful project from an artist who is the next big thing in rap. Already streaming on all the popular platforms, follow the attached link and sink your teeth deep into this masterclass in hip-hop and rap.

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