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Hip-Hop/R&B Star, BMW Kenny, Set to Officially Drop His Debut Album, “Kenny” on the 5th of August 2022

BMW Kenny

This boundless creator and innovator who used to go by the name of Soundz as a producer and has had the honor of producing for the heavy hitters in the industry such as Usher, Beyoncé, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and many more. He now goes by BMW Kenny and has been seamlessly blending the genres of R&B/Hip-hop with his love for music. His main goal is to create great music with a lasting impression on his listeners such as the exemplary artists who came before him. If you are into a deeply resonant soundscape, bold performances, and vintage synth lines with commanding vocals, this is the artist for you!

BMW Kenny is set to officially drop his self-titled album, “Kenny” on the 5th of August this year and this will be an addicting collection of affecting R&B tracks that will feed your craving for some creative output. He has so far released two tracks from the album; “Opps” and “Freaknik”- two stunningly invented tunes that are gracefully performed and display such virtuosic level of artistry that BMW Kenny brings to the table.

“Opps” is a groove-driven R&B and hip-hop aesthesis that has that kind of compellingly nostalgic vibe and is expertly combined with some modern drums and synths to reflect the futuristic aura. It has a certain clubby feeling and the music video which is a high standard of raw scenery accumulating over 11.4K views. The way he performs with his bold and authoritative voice melds well with the beats and this type of sound!

The first time you listen to, “Freaknik”, you will be like wow! This is the absolute mark of a consummate lyrist and performer with the way he nails the delivery in this hot and racy affair.  This has to be an instant favorite from the first listen and all I could think of while listening is how criminally underrated BMW Kenny is. This is like everything you hear on the radio and Billboard charting tunes. Blending acclaimed songwriting skill, character, soul, and infectious passion; it is no wonder the video for live performance has over 13.8K views on YouTube.

What you can expect from the album is some straight hits delivered with authenticity and elegance. BMW Kenny is on a swift rise to superstardom and nothing can stop his momentum. He is also the first American artist to be signed under ‘Universal Music Latin.’

Follow him on the attached socials and also listen to the two tunes from the album so as to get a glimpse into the future that looks so promising. Mark 5th August on your calendar and patiently wait for it is about to go down!

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