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Bodeine from B.A.C. Money, based in Germany takes the rap game to the next level with the mainstream-inspired project “Waterboy”

Bodeine can be described as a hip-hop historian with the ability to create music that stands the test of time. Having lived through and survived the most prolific eras of Europe’s grime and drill scene, his flashy yet inspired delivery embodies the culture of his upbringing but with a twist of American-flavored sound. He, together with his group B.A.C. Money, which is made up of fellow emcee CEO24 and producers King Amun and Rob A have been blending their musical tastes and expertise to create hip-hop and rap music rooted in the traditionalism of the genre. It’s true that most emcees are only concerned with how the words rhyme, but this group is looking for a way to convey their not-so-common stories in ways that common people can comprehend.

Music has become an open diary and a way for people to express themselves where they previously could not. Discussing the life of the streets—the good, the bad, and the extremely ugly—in a way that unique audiences can relate, B.A.C. Money masters flows and melodies, switching the tempo effortlessly with their lyrics and painting a vivid tableau of the street life.

With “Waterboy”, Bodeine and B.A.C. money prove that they are far from a one-dimensional rap group who not only talk about their pains but also possess the talent and panache to create music with more mainstream appeal…concocting bona fide tracks with more accessible subject matter.

Bodeine’s sharp, plainspoken European tones blend favorably with CEO24’s deadpan delivery and German-via-Memphis inflections, and the latter’s homicidal yet clearly fantastical worldview contrasts brilliantly with a superstar in the making who takes pains to present his expensive flows and erotic dalliances as real-life adventures.

The track “Waterboy” justifies its titular prominence with its marvelous sonic complexity. This is the kind of music that leaves a lasting impression on a listener. Everything stands out, from the beat to the flows and the first-class execution. The underlying keyboard foundation is epic, and the creatively authentic way Bodeine bodies this track is nothing short of immaculate. You can tell he really was prepared for this jam because he packs such a powerful punch in a song that demands a repeat listening experience as he hits you right in the spot every time!

“Sunshine” features a fascinating rap flow and a staggering amount of wordplay from both of these emcees. The production is stupendous and lays the perfect surface to skate on, and they really do it with artful ferocity, delivering each impactful bar and verse seamlessly. The creatively referential approach to their rhymes works wonders!

“Switchin on Me” really lives up to its title. This tune features some hypnotic production that is seriously tasty. The accompanying flows are of high caliber and autobiographical. The seamless transition from one verse to the next in perfect sync with the beat and the tempo switch will get you seriously digging the vibe here. There’s a consistent element of surprise to maintain engagement and heavily invested in the jam.

“No Story” will instantly get you amped up from the get-go. The signature hi-hats, synths, sawtooth bass that rattles the floor, and 808’s complemented by sophisticated flows and hard-hitting punchlines are the ‘story’ of this total banger.

True to its title, “No Hook” has no hook at all; this is straight-up bars and nothing else. Bodeine exudes charisma and confidence, dominating the beat with ease as he unleashes some lyrically astonishing flows that perfectly fit the track’s mood. This track is a gold mine of absolute rapid-fire freestyle radiance!

“Waterboy” is a next-level project for Bodeine and B.A.C. money as they bring influences from all across rap together to deliver a well-packaged piece of art that sets out to make any rap listener a melomaniac from the first listen!

Utilizing skills and resources harnessed from previous musical endeavors, B.A.C. money stakes its claim as a group. Wanting to find their place in the music industry, this group sets out to prove their passion and talent to all who will lend an ear.

“Waterboy” is a stunning representation of rap ingenuity and a showcase of ambitions and how far they can drive someone.

Follow the link below to enjoy this body of work, and you won’t be disappointed!

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