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Ōtautahi-based Artist Booker Brooks is set to release his new single, “Nostalgia”

It has always been Booker Brooks’ mission to provide his listeners with a musical and energetic boost with his music and to take them into a unique and surprisingly own sound where listeners get to be completely lost in the music, such that they are completely in the here and now when listening, and are not bored even for a second. This is due to the quality of the music, which is clearly made with love, dedication, and craftsmanship and therefore sounds very authentic. His eclectic songwriting style, musical versatility, and captivating vocals have endeared him to a global fan base that is following his every move with great adulation.

Booker Brooks is gearing up for the release of his debut album, dubbed “One Way Ticket” and to get us in the mood for this release is the earworm-inducing and reminiscent new single “Nostalgia” which is set to officially debut on all streaming platforms on July 14, 2023.

“Nostalgia” is the beating heart of yesteryear dragged into the modern age, and drawing into its absolute joy is an immersive experience.

This track was recorded through tape machines to mirror the track’s title both in storyline and symbolism.

Overall, the track captures past introspection through triumphs and tragedies and the acceptance that, in order to move forward, we have to treat the past as the past and not a companion to bring with us into our future.

Booker’s authentic performance evokes a sense of vulnerability and the universal human experience of seeking connection and guidance in an uncertain world.

This marvelous clash of the past and present provides an otherworldly listening experience for the listener, who will likely feel completely lost in the music from start to finish.

The improvisations in production perfect the sound and leave a listener emotionally gratified.

This is one of those performances that leaves a lasting impression on a listener and also leaves them wanting more.

“Nostalgia” will be available for streaming as of July 14, 2023. For now, follow Booker Brooks everywhere for real-time updates on this and his other projects


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