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Sacramento-based hip-hop artist BUGZY set to “Light the Beam” for the Kings officially on April 15, 2023.

BUGZY is a name you need to familiarize yourself with because he has been out there doing the most and contributing to the culture in the most ingenious ways. A recording hip hop and rap artist and music producer, his impressive catalog boasts eight albums and countless singles. He is built differently, his swag is different, and of course, he flosses differently. The flex is real. He just might be better than your favorite rapper; let that sink in!

In honor of the Sacramento Kings making the playoffs for the first time in 16 years, BUGZY got into the recording booth and came out with a deserved anthem to honor the new champs in town, and what a way to do it with that unmatched lyrical performance that gets the opps and haters leaving the arena early!

The beats have been stupendously produced, and when he gets hold of the mic, BUGZY eats them up and leaves no crumbs behind. Making sure the message of appreciation for the Sacramento Kings shines through, his performance is a concoction of real bars and punchlines, and the way he flows on the beat is so smooth…no one should be this good!

The way he fits every word with the snares is insane, and to tell such a vivid story is beyond amazing. That arresting hookline is why you know that “Light the Beam” will be on repeat all day long!

His visual and intellectual wordplay draws a listener in as he transports you into a world of his creation and rewards you with an unforgettable performance.

This smash banger and bona fide anthem is a demonstration of BUGZY’s limitless versatility both as a performer and songwriter!

“Light the Beam” will officially be available for streaming on all popular streams as of April 15, 2023. Mark the date on your calendar, and do one better by following BUGZY on his Instagram page so as to pre-save this authentic masterpiece; you will be glad you did!

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