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Los Angeles-Based Singer-Songwriter Bunny Daniels’ New Single “Freak” Is a Highlight of Her Bubbly and Spontaneous Personality!

Bunny Daniels’ expression of creativity began at an early age and was fueled by her mother’s church endeavors as a choir member, which saw her induct Bunny Daniels slowly into the world of singing, and eventually, she joined the choir. That is how her appreciation for music was inspired and soon spiraled into an uncontainable obsession. Inspired by a plethora of musical influences, from pop, disco, and R&B to soul and hip-hop, Daniels wants her music and art to fall together and become one; she wants her listeners to embrace the moment and feel her passion as she dedicates her artistry to evoke positive energy and spread love.

She has a new eclectic banger dubbed “Freak” that really underscores her versatile nature and her somewhat infectious, bubbly, and charming personality. In this mega tune, she blends a variety of rich sounds into one defining sound that is escorted to fruition by her glorious-sounding vocals!

The pop melodies are very intriguing and give “Freak” its danceable elements, and I love how the track has been afforded a fascinating sonic variation with the integration of the nostalgic-feeling element of the Rhythm and Blues that gives it a coruscating old-school aura.

Bunny Daniels’ luscious and softened vocals float with warmth and lucidity over the pop-fashioned instrumentals as she goes on to effortlessly make an anthem out of her easily quotable lines. “Freak” is that kind of tune that gets you excited and feeling optimistic even if everything unfolding around you doesn’t necessarily support these feelings!

It’s actually intriguing that I can still feel her soft vocals haunting me in the back of my head as I write this; it’s that haunting power that adds to the fascination around her artistry, and I have no doubt that many listeners will find “Freak” delightful as much as I did.

“Freak” is out now on all your favorite platforms; follow the attached link, and if you find yourself smitten by Bunny Daniels’s passionate delivery, you know what to do: let this tune find its way into your favorite playlist!

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