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After battling a year-long vocal injury, Los Angeles’ favorite songbird, Bunny Daniels, makes a comeback with the enchantingly groovy lover’s R&B anthem “Like That.”

A songstress devoted to getting inside the heart of her compositions, the West Coast’s finest Ms. Bunny Daniels exudes a spirited personality that has remained unbowed even in the toughest of challenges. With a generous heart and a gifted persona, she continues to grow both as a person and an artist, appealing to a massive fanbase with her music that taps into common human experiences. Her voice is gentle and pure, yet so expressive that it vividly paints pictures of what she is singing about. It is her audacious and innovative approach to music that has earned her a dedicated following and critical acclaim within the industry.

It was a blow to Ms. Bunny Daniels and her fans when she suffered a vocal injury about a year ago. She was uncertain how to navigate this unfortunate occurrence, but she has always prided herself on her resilience and never-say-die attitude. Ultimately, it came in handy as she took baby steps towards recovery, and now she is making a comeback with the beautiful, enchanting, and groovy R&B anthem dubbed “Like That.”

Right from the get-go, Ms. Bunny catches your attention, setting the tone for the song with that captivating chorus at the song’s heart, one that will continue ringing in your head long after the final notes fade away. The way she repeatedly sings “Did you know that you got it like that” underscores the anthemic appeal of the track, making it engaging.

The production is eclectic, mirroring the spirit of old-school R&B and soul but with an inescapable modernity, making “Like That” a masterpiece of nostalgic and contemporary R&B transcendence.

On the mic, Ms. Bunny Daniels is her excellent self, flourishing gracefully with her soft, angelic, and immensely expressive vocals of pure range and power. She exudes an unmistakable old-school vocal powerhouse, adding another layer of exquisiteness to an already affecting masterpiece.

With a danceable groove, sing-along lyrics, a catchy and memorable chorus, and an ear-worming vocal delivery, “Like That” is what you have been craving. This is exactly how you mark a musical comeback!

A sensational tour de force with an arresting R&B melody and identifiable lyrics, “Like That” deserves its place in your favorite playlist. Do Ms. Bunny the honors, and as you do, spread the gospel; the queen of R&B and pop is back!

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