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Burning Years Ignites the Rock Scene with Their Deeply Emotional Anthem, “Fall/Fade”

Austin’s very own Burning Years are back in the mix, and they’ve brought along something intensely special. Their latest self-titled album, the fourth addition to an impressive catalog that includes 2014’s ‘Pavements’, 2016’s ‘Coming Clean’, and a split with fellow Austin band Locket in 2017, dropped in the summer of 2023 and it’s everything we’ve come to expect from this gritty ensemble. However, today, we’re focusing on the diamond in this rough-edged rock collection – the phenomenal track “Fall/Fade”.

Penned by lead vocalist, Sherman Chase-Taylor, “Fall/Fade” carries a deeply personal resonance. Written in the wake of a dark time in his life, it serves as a raw, unfiltered letter to those he felt he let down. Sherman’s honesty shines through, infusing the track with an emotive intensity that will knock the wind right out of you.

From the moment “Fall/Fade” begins, it grabs hold of your attention and refuses to let go. The opening notes hit hard, setting the stage for what’s to come: an unforgettable blend of rock’s inherent edginess and lyrical poetry that echoes with emotion.

The wild howl of the electric guitars intertwined with the hard-driving rhythm section creates a sonic landscape that is nothing short of electrifying. Layered atop this, Sherman’s vocals lay bare a potent blend of vulnerability and raw power, lifting the song from the realm of the ordinary and launching it into an extraordinary journey of emotional turmoil and triumphant resilience.

The seamless chemistry of Burning Years is tangible in every note of this track. Each guitar riff, drum beat, and bass line fits perfectly together, creating a sonic tapestry of pure rock ‘n roll. The track’s audacious swagger is amplified by the band’s palpable energy, making it an absolute thrill to listen to.

“Fall/Fade” is an unapologetic force of nature, bearing a complex and layered instrumentation that calls for repeated listens. The pounding drums are fiercely ferocious, shaking you to your core and the guttural depth of the vocals deliver a seismic jolt that bears testament to the transformative power of rock music.

While “Fall/Fade” struts with high-energy guitar licks and a pulsating rhythm, the emotional undertone is never lost. In fact, it is this combination of rawness and elegance that leaves a lasting impression, a sonic echo that persists long after the final notes have subsided.

In “Fall/Fade”, Burning Years has given us more than just a rock anthem. They’ve shared an emotional narrative wrapped in a fervor of electrifying rock. The track serves as a stark reminder of their dedication to their craft and their unique ability to resonate with fans on a deeply personal level.

So, strap in, crank up the volume, and let “Fall/Fade” take you on an emotional rollercoaster you won’t soon forget. And trust us, this is a ride you’ll want to take again and again.

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