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Florida-based Christian artist Called 2 Repentance delivers an enchanting and fulfilling performance with his latest single, “The Good News.”

With a musical career spanning a decade and a half, Called 2 Repentance is a beacon of authenticity in the realm of Christian music, embodying his name’s profound significance through his artistry and mission to win more souls for Christ. As a dedicated vessel for the Lord, he channels his passion for spreading the gospel into every note and lyric, infusing his music with heartfelt sincerity and unwavering faith. With a unique blend of singing and rapping prowess, Called 2 Repentance delivers powerful messages of redemption, hope, and spiritual awakening. His music resonates with listeners on a soulful level, inviting them to embrace the transformative power of Christ’s love and grace. Through his genuine devotion and unwavering commitment to his calling, Called 2 Repentance shines brightly as a testament to the enduring power of faith and the transformative impact of God’s mercy.

He returns with a fulfilling single titled “The Good News,” which conveys a powerful message of reconciliation between humans and God. The lyrics pertain to the breaking of chains, setting oneself free from the bonds of the prisons of our own making, and Christ’s role as our Savior—someone whose name we can always invoke, and He will be right there to rescue and shelter us from all evils of Satan’s doing.

With a vibrant, energetic, and modern, hip-hop-flavored beat, Called 2 Repentance delivers a meaningful blend of message and hope, showcasing significant singing and rapping prowess in the process.

He speaks to the power of new beginnings and relishes the freedom of being reborn in Christ, who sets him free from the yokes of sin, bondage, and evil.

The skillful execution of “The Good News” is enchanting; its powerful message is even more fulfilling. So I ask, what’s not to like about this brilliant body of work?

Check out the link below to add this tune to your favorite playlist, just as Jesus has found a place for you in His heart and kingdom.



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