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Pennsylvania-based multi-stylistic artist Carchar has released a new jam titled “Please Do Not Resuscitate.”

Carchar Please Do Not Resuscitate

Carchar is a prodigy of the music industry discipline with a unique sound of his own that cuts across alternative rock, goth, rap, metal, and acoustic. It is his willingness to experiment with different styles and sounds that set him apart as an artist who is not afraid to take risks and carve his own path in the industry. His creative expression also spans a number of disciplines; he is a vocalist, songwriter, mixing engineer, and graphic designer. Ultimately, he is an artist who wants to tell his own stories in his own way and with his own voice!

“Please Do Not Resuscitate” is Carchar’s latest banger that was inspired by the all too familiar experiences of a relationship gone sour and then the other person getting bitter and leaving a trail of hateful comments on the internet…you know those kinds of people who don’t really take heartbreaks well (maybe you’re one of them!)

“Please Do Not Resuscitate” has an alternative hip-hop/rap feel and thrill to it as Carchar levitates over the atmospheric production, unleashing a heavy concoction of punchlines, thought-provoking bars, and soul-revealing rhymes.

This piece flourishes, embodying the essence of ambitious music with its broad appeal. The production and mix are of high quality, and the performance really is top-drawer.

“Please Do Not Resuscitate” is another highlight of Carchar’s infinite versatility and creativity as a songwriter, rapper, and performer.

Carchar has been working tirelessly to make his mark on the global music industry and create a lasting legacy. Through his work, Carchar inspires young, aspiring artists to create their own music, encouraging them not to feel inadequate or compelled to imitate their predecessors.

To listen to “Please Do Not Resuscitate”, follow the attached Soundcloud link and make sure you add this banger to your music library.

For more information regarding Carchar, check him out by following him on:

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