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Rapidly rising American singer-songwriter Chaonixzero’s “Kohai” is breathtakingly beautiful and haunting!

Nicholas Hall who wears the moniker Chaonixzero, is a phenomenally gifted artist whose music has been birthed from experiences that have seen him face demons that many of us would be completely destroyed by. Growing up in abject poverty and battling cancer at some point in his life, music was the only thing he could turn to, and that is exactly what he did. Making his debut with the track “Halo” that received widespread critical acclaim, he has never looked back. With a two-tone mohawk perfectly placed on his head, a creative soul, and a mammoth heart, his mission is very clear: change the world for the better with his music!

The masterpiece, “Kohai,” has received mind-blowing stream numbers; for example, it already boasts over 280K Spotify streams.

Once you listen to this explorative track that features a dominant guitar melody and artistically stripped-back vocals, you will understand why it has won over fans and critics alike—this is a bona fide standout that deserves to be under the spotlight.

And this is what Chaonixzero’s expanding legion of fans, which have grown into a cult following, have come to expect from this stunning inventor who is always looking for ways to make his sound better.

“Kohai” is not only a demonstration of his compositional dexterity, it is also a highlight of his instrumental prowess; the way he pulls those strings tugs at a listener’s heartstrings in equal measure.

“Kohai” is such a beautiful and haunting exploration of emotion and sound. It is an impeccable piece showcasing the exceptional talent of this affable master of musicianship.

Chaonixzero is an artist with a focus on creating music that seamlessly blurs the lines between a wide range of genre definitions and creative ideas; “Kohai” is a shining example of that.

In most instances, Chaonixzero’s sound combines the energy of experimental rock with the melodic edge of guitar playing, which sets the bar higher in terms of versatility and focus.

Chaonixzero feels at the summit of his creative expression and acknowledges that it’s about that time that he takes his craft to the next level, with you, dear fan and new listener, by his side, of course… so hop on this journey and let’s appreciate the world of music together!

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