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New York’s Finest Chef Porter Is “@ Your Service” Once Again!

The real question that lingers is, “Do they love him like cooked food?” but before we can get to know about the real answer to that question, I suggest we dig a little bit deeper into the life of this celebrity Chef and recording artist with a career spanning over two decades as a highly sought-after chef and lyricist, who turns each performance from masterful to provocative when he grips the mic.

His culinary career has introduced Porter to influential figures in the industry and led him to feature on the Netflix series ‘Pressure Cooker’, where he unveiled fascinating and sophisticated recipes that captivated viewers. He carries this culinary virtuosity into his music.

He sees a lot of similarities between these two fields; just like ingredients, or, if you like, recipes, are assembled and a certain procedure laid down for the food to come out as the one cooking intended, so does music follow certain procedures in the studio with a little bit of this and that going in before a sound can be perfected. In similar fashion, when he gets in the studio, he always makes sure he cooks up a delicacy that will leave listeners craving more as they lick their fingers to its sauce.

And that’s precisely what he’s done with his latest masterstroke, ‘@ Your Service,’ a release that has rightfully generated critical acclaim.

Just from the beat arrangement, the excellent production, and the near-perfect execution, it is not hard to tell that Porter is a product of the 1990s. The beat here is nostalgic and takes you back to that great time, and the flows are just first-class.

Talking about food technique and reflecting that on his music, this track details his career as a Chef and everything it has meant for him, how it has changed his life, and how it has allowed him to pursue other interests such as music.

Unleashing a thought-provoking concoction of masterful flows, wise perspectives, and intricate wordplay, Porter indeed proves that he is not a newbie in this music thing and deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as some of the industry’s heavy hitters…he has earned his place with top-drawer performances like these.

The track features an abundance of striking wordplay and rhymes that elicit a deep emotional response. Personally, I am particularly impressed by the lines;

“Busting down chops just to gain y’alls attention
(Hold up) fore you stick yo fork in listen Gotta make sure this my best rendition
Whooo! Fuck that’s Delicious
Bout that Action Bronson, Every thangs Deliberate
Not part of the plan it’s the whole fucking mission”

I am confident that I speak for many when I say that a music video would be a fitting accompaniment for this artistic triumph.

‘@ Your Service’ was produced by the renowned Mark Byrd, who has collaborated with a range of industry A-listers, including the likes of Kanye West, Cyhi Tha Prince, and Rhapsody, to name a few.

A stupendous masterpiece that is receiving a lot of love from fans, critics, and industry heavyweights alike, “@ Your Service” is more than guaranteed to further elevate Porter into international acclaim.

This track is such an ingenious piece of music that sees him blend the classic and contemporary together to authenticate a unique sound flanked by innovative lyrics and depth. The turntable scratches towards the climax of the track give it that depth, elegance, and street-underground thrill.

In a short period, this track has already garnered over 7,000 streams on Spotify alone, signaling its appeal to fans of music with relatable lyrics, emotive vocals, and hypnotic production.

The future looks very bright for Chef Porter as he continues to succeed on both fronts as a Chef and musician.

“@ Your Service” is already streaming on all the popular platforms and is the perfect addition to your playlist.

To keep up with Chef Porter’s endeavors, follow him on Instagram.

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