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Chef Porter Let’s Us in on What’s Cooking in His Debut Single, “Pressure Cooker.”

It is hard to describe the feeling that springs to life when a world-renowned connoisseur like Chef Ed Porter uses musical mastery as a canvas to express the richness of his life story. In a sense, this move can only be the stuff of legends. I mean, it’s not every day you get a front-row seat for a seamless wedding between culinary genius and vocal brilliance. It’s also extremely rare for a couple to go through their nuptials in such an inspirational way that opens the congregation’s eyes to the alluring similarity in our differences.

If you have never experienced the exhilarating thrill that comes from within when a hip-hop king decides to pop the ring, listening to Chef Porter will certainly deliver the feeling. From rhythmic bars to inspiring words, this lyrical prince is producing music synonymous with the fancy brilliance of a gourmet meal. The more you listen to this New York-based artistic virtuoso, the more he will convince you that a Jack of all trades can indeed be a master of all. Once you are assured of this, even the sky will not be the limit for what you achieve.

His debut single, “Pressure Cooker,” is undoubtedly one of the jolliest works of art I’ve ever experienced. This present-day hip-hop lay, inspired by a Netflix cooking series with a similar name, is a flawless example of artistic delicacy. You will love how the potent simplicity of Chef Porter’s lyrics primes you to demand more out of life by standing your ground in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. The sedulous spirit in his discourse will also inspire you to constantly pursue the best version of yourself, both in word and deed. If you are an enthusiast of motivational poetry, this eccentric lyrical piece may be exactly what you need to unlock your competitive side.

The mid-tempo trap music underpinning this rap is also a thing to behold. I am yet to comprehend how a bass line can serenade voices with such a powerful punch while remaining relatively quiet and composed. I also love how the consistent piano melody mashes up with the pulsating drum beats to create a soothing groove that caresses the soul into involuntary submission. If you haven’t listened to this mellifluous sensation, you are definitely missing out on a trans-generational composition. To enjoy more fantastic tunes, follow Chef Porter on the attached social media links and thank me later. Sayonara!

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