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International R&B singer-songwriter Choclett P is making waves again with “Never 2 Much”

For quite some time now, Choclett P has been wooing audiences everywhere with his sweet-sounding, nostalgic, and relevant R&B style flanked by his powerfully unusual and expressive mellifluous voice and a brilliant fusion of classic soul energy and that innate intimacy that allows him to get at the heart of every track to ensure that he connects deeply with the listener.

The track “Never 2 Much” came almost instantly;  if you have been checking Choclett P’s social platforms, especially his IG and TikTok, you will notice that he holds these earworm R&B sessions and duets, and that is how he got the attention of producer Tage, who felt that his voice would be the perfect fit for a song he was working on.

Tage reached out to Choclett P, and after he listened to the demo, he knew exactly what to do. In under 24 hours, the project was done and dusted, and the sound engineer Johnny Ratio finished the track off…the result of that is this hypnotic masterpiece dubbed “Never 2 Much”

“Never 2 Much” is that kind of track that gets you reminiscing about a time in the past with its scintillating blend of soul and R&B vibes. The melodies are expressive and infectious, and the sweet-talking, glossy vocal presentation by Choclett P is one that haunts your brain for the rest of the day.

“Never 2 Much” is a masterpiece about shooting your shot—you know when you check out a pretty shawty and you develop some kind of intimate connection and you are letting them know that you’d want for things to go down.

You will never get tired of listening to Choclett P sing; the way he sings from his heart and soul creates a deep connection with the listener’s own heart so that it feels like you are right beside him as the story unfolds.

Already with more than 18K Spotify streams, it is safe to say that this tune has been an ear candy to so many listeners, and I don’t see why you shouldn’t have it in your playlist—follow the attached link and do the necessary!

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