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Italian singer/songwriter Claudio Onyx, based in Canada, delivers an emotion-arousing performance with the single “8:46 (I can’t breathe)”

Claudio Onyx is an up-and-coming musician and performer from Calabria, Italy, but is currently based out of Canada. He grew up immersed in everything from rock, garage, pop, and soul to rock ‘n’ roll. As a young man, he began studying the guitar developing a genre-crossing sound that would come to define his career. While his polished talents are undeniable, it’s the artist’s unique ability to build deep, intimate, and personal connections with his audiences that sets him apart from the crowd. His boundless dedication to his craft is matched only by his ambition. He writes music from the deepest parts of his heart and soul, resonating with audiences on a relatable level.

The track “8:46 (I can’t breathe)” was inspired by events that led to the death of George Floyd, an African-American man who was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, sparking worldwide BLM protests.

The number 8:46 here is significant as it signifies the number of minutes and seconds the police officer kneeled on Floyd’s neck, and for Claudio, who first heard about it on the news on that fateful day, he felt a surge of strong emotions rush through him, motivating him to write this song that speaks against racism and abuse of power.

You can feel the raw emotions in his voice, particularly in the chorus, where he packs such a powerful punch with his emotion-drenched and impassioned vocals, reeling a listener in and rewarding them with a memorable listening experience.

This track features a strong guitar foundation; the impeccably picked guitar melodies create an enthralling backdrop that appealingly supplements his incredibly powerful vocals

He showcases an irresistible rock range in his performance, and his uplifting performance really helps inject this song with that hearty dose of rock backed by such virtuosic guitar technique and awe-inspiring musicianship.

With such relevant lyricism at its core, accomplished performance, and soul-stirring vocal performance, “8:46 (I can’t breathe)” is easy to like and hard not to enjoy…it’s a well-structured and impeccably realized musical treat for the ears

Follow the link below to stream and save this song to your playlist…recommending it to a friend or family member is also highly advised.

Stay updated with Claudio’s work and join him on this refreshingly innovative journey he is on!


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