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Comatose Red Ivy Her New EP “Star Lover’s Killer Gets The Kill.”

Comatose Red Ivy, an artist who stands out from the crowd in every way, has persuaded all of us her contagious energy. The rapper signals her stellar musicality by dropping a few quality hits back to back, cultivating a musical taste that is highly distinct from the others. Being her true self, the artist has enthusiastically fused her passion for rap and R&B to create a distinct sound that immediately communicates with the audience.

The artist’s four-track EP “Star Lover’s Killer Gets The Kill” features a consistent pace in her delivery and an excellent melody in her voice. To distinguish himself, the rapper incorporates elements of both pure rap and fine R&B melodies to cross the difference between the two genres. The songs feature amazing lyrics, a catchy chorus, and a unique kind of passion that effectively elevates the overall audio experience. The artist’s singing is full of creative qualities that solidify her reputation as a unique artist with a diverse style of framing ideas and ingenuity.



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