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Get Up and Get Down with Corm!!’s Electrifying New Release, “Get Bossy”

A surgeon by day and a music producer and DJ by night—or vice versa, Corm!!, A.K.A Dr. Jason Cormier, is the perfect blend of talent and preparedness. He is an anomaly—a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form. He loves exploring outlets of creativity and will always be in motion as an artist, one of the personalities that has kept him reigning supreme when it comes to electronic dance music. And make no mistake, he is not your ordinary EDM artist; he is far from that. He brings a level of ingenuity and authenticity rarely found in the market today. All the more reasons you need to know him if you haven’t already!

Corm!! walks the line between many genres without apology., offering a texturally diverse and sonically bold palette that is truly rare, unique, and authentic. With just the seamless blend of enchanting vocals over a pulsating beat, a deep-driving groove, 808s, and other invigorating electronic cadences, he invokes powerful and contagiously energetic imagery, something that might take others in his field a lifetime to master.

With his latest banger, “Get Bossy” Corm!! evokes a wave of uncompromising authenticity with this club banger that is guaranteed to get you dancing on your feet with reckless abandon like no one’s watching, even if they probably are!

The mellow, floaty percussion sets the tone for this track, complemented by enchanting, authoritative, and expressively captivating male vocals, gloves in hand, as he goes on to diagnose and surgically perform some magic with his skilled fingerprints, gifted hands, and brainy personality.

The mellow, floaty percussion sets the tone for this track, backed by the enchanting, authoritative, and expressively captivating male vocals that ebb and flow commandingly over the soundscape, exuding such an irresistible allure!

At around the 33 second mark, the track takes a massive turn with the fast-paced beat and deep and pulsating groove entering the mix and seducing the listener as they get transported to another blissful planet that is energetic, uplifting, and somewhat nostalgic!

The sawtooth synth leads, the deep-phased bass, and the 808 combine seamlessly with the inescapable electronic cadence to authenticate a deep and driving melodic arrangement. Meanwhile, the vocals remain consistent: demonstrative and alluring like a siren’s call underscoring the anthemic quality of this banger.

This is the kind of track that makes you forget all your worries as you get completely lost in the music and dance the night away in that state of music-inspired euphoria!

The fast-paced and other dynamic parts in this mix give it that immersive feel, with the ethereal synths and pads adding to the otherworldly atmosphere.

Every element in this track collaborates to fulfill its intended purpose.

“Get Bossy” is the kind of total banger that boosts the vibe in any setting; it doesn’t matter whether you are listening alone in the ambience of your home, on the road to that weekend getaway, in the gym, or just enjoying a night out; this is the best accompaniment to get you feeling alive and like yourself again!

It is little surprise that this track is already generating buzz and turning heads in the dance world; it has all the qualities of a radio hit and a club staple—a rare and much-needed combination!

“Get Bossy” is already streaming on all the popular streams, and if you haven’t already listened to it, consider this your lucky day because it indeed is!

Follow the link below, raise the volume all the way up, sing along like no one’s listening, and dance like no one’s watching!

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