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Multitalented musician, producer, composer, and guitar player Craigology takes the listener on a deeply familiar exploration with “Balcony.”

Craigology Balcony

Craigology is a multi-genre artist and composer at his best, with a sound that joyfully breaches the boundaries as he blurs the genre lines with his competent compositions that shrewdly cut across smooth jazz, jazz hop, chill hop, Latin, and afro-Caribbean sounds with soca influences. Simply put, Craigology possesses a diverse musical style and has become a fan favorite thanks to his innovative and experimental style, which always leaves fans guessing and hungry for more of his music. Craigology produces music that is remarkably appealing to a wide range of listeners, and this makes him a force to be reckoned with in his field.

A track like “Balcony” has been lovingly arranged, meticulously crafted with keen attention to detail, immaculately mixed, and competently produced to provide that emotional gratification.

This tune is warmly familiar and still unheard of, as the splendorous blend of the guitars, keyboards, synths, and bass echo a smooth jazz sound with foreign influences that really add to the tune’s dynamism and likeability.

The sound emanated here is soothing and relaxing in a way, and it effortlessly courses through a listener’s heart and soul with great impact.

This is the perfect soundtrack to unwind to, study to, or simply relax to during those late-night introspections.

On May 19, 2023, Craigology is set to take his inspiration to the next level when he releases his new single, dubbed “Islander.”

“Islander” is a feel-good type of summer masterpiece that blends the bouncy, fun, upbeat, and tropical vibe with Afro-Caribbean and Latin influences for one deeply rhythmic and groovy body of work that is guaranteed to get you in a jovial mood as you listen to it on repeat.

With a career spanning over two decades, Craigology has become a master of his craft, and we can never go wrong by stating we are yet to see much more greatness from him; his future in the music industry is foreseeably great.

To indulge in this indescribably beautiful sound composed by a music industry virtuoso, please follow the attached link and add the masterpiece to your music library.

To be part of Craigology’s ever-expanding catalog of loyal fans, please follow him on his social media handles and stream his music on all the popular digital channels.

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