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Emerging Virtuosic Artist Cristian Uraga Gives Ode to Flamboyance With His Larger-Than-Life Crated Single “Living Top Life”

Cristian Uraga Living Top Life

Cristian Uraga is the name you should start familiarizing yourself with as he comes through in his flamboyance and imposing style, bearing the gift of inventiveness and redesigning the sonic shape of music like you haven’t heard before. He is swiftly crafting a melodic space inhabited by some magical soundscapes that take the shape of elegance and titanic aesthesis as he brings to the floor of the rhythmic house melodies that flex their mystical appeal in all the strikingly extravagant ways you could possibly imagine! He has a knack for telling ear-grabbing stories with just the flow and rhythm of the beats- with just enough improvisation to add that unique flavor to ensure a listener does not get bored!

To understand the scale of talent we are on about here, his Spotify channel boats well over 12, 750 monthly listeners, and his released singles so far: “Living Top Life”, “Haze Space” and “Popping Dreams” with almost 30K Spotify streams. Leading that chart on the stream numbers is of course the towering single “Living Top Life” with more than 13,000 streams!

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“Living Top Life” speaks to the young souls inside of us that always want to let lose a little bit and the banging, flavorful, and abundantly delicious beats take over a listener in body and spirit and transport them to some smoky and glittering planet where the fizzing drinks are served over some hot steamy bath and everyone seems settled in- party-mode activated. You have no choice but to fit in instantaneously taking over the mood as you live large without the worry of tomorrow or the day after!

There is that hypnotizing delectable palate that the beats carry and you really can’t shake off the emotions that it gives you as it makes an almost- permanent mark on your mind that you will carry around for a larger part of your day (your life even!). This is what innovation feels like and here, it is absolutely stunning and takes a listener on all those thrilling emotions; intoxicating them with boundless joy!

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Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"


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