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Prodigious femcee D Swervo is riding all the way up with her new single, “Cold.”

While everyone else keeps obsessing over the old school rap, there has been a rapidly rising prodigious entertainer who is bridging the gap between the two conflicting generations; – Based out of Little Haiti, Florida, the 15-year-old rapper, and songwriter D Swervo is inspiring conversations about hip hop authenticity with her fresh style of rap that is as authentic as far as the original goes. A second-generation female emcee extraordinaire, D Swervo brings an unprecedented, if not entirely new, perspective on what it means and takes to be a rapper. It is her straightforward complexity that has allowed her to spring to life fast and her competency not to concede to whatever trend means that she actually is the trendsetter!

“Cold” is her latest single, and D Swervo really delivers a lyrical performance worthy of the track’s title…it’s just cold! Floating and artfully moonwalking over the blazing hip-hop beats, D Swervo goes on to highlight her versatility and artistic range by delivering an unmatched performance that is not only entertaining but deeply relatable!

Delivering tales straight from the deep trenches, D Swervo takes a listener on what it is like to feel the weight of the world overwhelm you, the extreme pressure but still refusing to bow down to it- just being real and focusing on chasing that success.

“Cold” has been backed by an expensively drilled music video that is cinematic in nature and one that perfectly fits the track’s narrative, both in symbolism and storyline. This one is set to get you hooked from start to finish.

Without even straining for effort, D Swervo goes on to deliver some thought-provoking rhymes over the heavy production; her razor-sharp bars sandwiched in between a memorable chorus and catchy hooks.

With a matchless performance like this, it is easy to see why she has been on a meteoric rise to the top of Florida hip-hop and is not showing any signs of slowing down. You should get used to the name D Swervo because you’ll be hearing it a lot!

The streets need this kind of music…in fact, the world could use this kind of raw message from someone who understands it better and has the talent to voice it!

Follow the attached link, subscribe to D Swervo’s YouTube channel, like the video, and add this masterpiece to your playlist.

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