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Los Angeles-based Danelle Sandoval’s “Cold” Live Performance Video Showcases Ambition, Passion, and Their Driving Force.

Danelle Sandoval is not your average artist; she is a Renaissance woman, and inside her lies a unique voice with many hues, always singing and writing from a place of both tenderness and strength. With R&B as her musical foundation, she effortlessly moves through different sounds while remaining herself and at home in them all. She has a rare, golden voice and an incredible powerhouse range that has seen her compared with some of the best R&B queens of all time. While this is the case, many have been quick to agree that she brings a sound and strength of her own to her first-rate singing and deeply resonant songwriting.

Danelle has expressed her pride following the release of her new live performance video for the single “Cold”- such an eye-catching and strikingly beautiful body of work with stunning visuals, her vision was perfectly brought to life in a project that she was involved in from directing, producing, and styling alongside the ingenious team at Stayneutral

This performance certainly elevates the song to greater heights. I love how shrewdly they channeled the vibe of the 2000s era with this music video. There is something about it reminiscent of epic old-school R&B music videos, giving it that nostalgic vibe that is combined with the heartfelt melancholic lyrics and the most beautiful voice to give this song its genuine tonality and indescribable authenticity.

The high-end visuals blended with such proficiency to capture her singing her heart out in the company of her backing band playing the instruments giving the feeling of a festive live performance reminiscent of Christmas.

It’s commendable to see Danelle for reaching such a milestone in her flourishing career. She deserves everything good coming her way for always tapping into her vulnerability and delivering music from a place of both honesty and strength to not only entertain but also inspire, uplift, and empower her listeners.

With over 36K views on YouTube already, this live performance video for “Cold” is proving to be a fan favorite.

Follow the link below, subscribe to Danelle’s YouTube channel, and let’s run those numbers up. Don’t forget to add this soul-stirring song to your playlist and share the track with your friends and family.

Danelle Sandoval – “Cold” Live Performance Video – YouTube

To keep up with the latest updates from Danelle and discover more about her music journey, make sure you follow her on Instagram page.

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