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Music producer and CEO of Unrivaled Records Daniel Cantrell set to release the fourth installment of his highly acclaimed “Unrivaled Music Volumes” dubbed “Unrivaled Music Vol. 4”

When the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd volumes of “Unrivaled Music” hit the streets, critics and fans were captivated by the potent fusion of modern soul and edgy hip hop, reflective of the creative expression of Las Vegas, New Mexico-based producer Daniel Cantrell. And this is what this highly-rated producer, owner, and CEO of Unrivaled Records, an independent music record label that has been giving a rare platform to up-and-coming singers, songwriters, musicians, and producers alike, is capable of achieving.

Despite the considerable success that has graced his career thus far, Daniel remains a selfless and humble figure, consistently prioritizing the artists signed under his record label. He confided in us that when he has a pending project, he only releases it when there is no other pending project from any Unrivaled Records’ artist, or he pushes it forward or backward depending on the timing of the coinciding projects.

His “Unrivaled Music Vol. 3” really set the bar higher in terms of versatility and focus, with Daniel ticking all the right boxes as a producer and sound engineer. This album offers 14 tracks and over 39 minutes of cathartic listening experience, with some standout singles such as “Check Your Six”, “All The Smoke”, “After” and “8 Bit” that have gone on to receive widespread embrace from music fanatics all over.

And now he wants to take the game to newer heights and higher levels with his upcoming release, dubbed “Unrivaled Music Vol. 4” which can only get better than its predecessor. Rest assured, Daniel has ensured this with his impressive body of work!

This collection promises to be a treasure trove of musical gems and hits and nothing else with transcendental music that will transport listeners to different atmospheres and realms beyond their own imagination!

Each song on “Unrivaled Music Vol. 4” possesses its distinct flavor, yet all are bound together by an evocative, moody ambiance; just as Daniel intended and envisioned for this project that feels next level for both him and Unrivaled Records.

When it comes to setting the standards, you have to give it up to Unrivaled Records with its consistently working artists, whose relentless work ethics, unwavering dedication to their craft, and unmatched passion for music are the label’s blueprint.

Daniel and Unrivaled Records are indeed redefining entertainment and empowerment, and contrary to the sad reality of self-centered, greedy, money-driven, and corporate-fueled record labels, Unrivaled is different and really puts the welfare of artists before anything else…here the principle is artists over money and profits, and that is what has set it apart from any other independent or otherwise record label.

Building on that artistic cohesiveness and togetherness, Unrivaled Records embodies everything that a record label should be, not what we have currently been witnessing.

The scene is set, and Daniel, who feels at the summit of his creative expression, is about to make music great again with this fourth installment, which is expected to officially debut on July 30, 2023, on all the major streaming platforms.

The album promises to be bold, transportational, enthralling, immersive, and experimental with surprising twists and turns to ensure a listener receives a fulfilling listening experience that will have them grounded throughout the album’s length!

Mark July 30, 2023, on your calendar, and make sure you follow Daniel Cantrell on his official Instagram page. Also, check out the Universal Records website at for more updates.

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