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Highly rated punk rap wizard Dead Hendrix’s electrifying collabo, “MUSTANG” with iconic Ottawa emcee Yungcudii has been breaking records left right and center!

Dead Hendrix is so close to his dreams that he’s sweating. This certified musical star from Centertown in Ottawa, Canada, has been making huge waves with his richly eclectic style that brings the worlds of punk rock and street rap together. The result of that is something unexpected but seriously tasty, and one guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on anyone who is lucky enough to come into close contact with the music. He’s got that star glow in him and such a magnetic stage presence, and when it comes to his lyricism, he packs such powerful punches with such dexterous execution of rhymes that are crafted from honest and accessible topics such as heartbreak, mental health, drug abuse, and all manner of emotional storms bound to resonate with the heartbroken adolescents of the current generation.

If you are the kind that has that fetish for Mustang’s interior leathers, then Dead Hendrix and Yungcudii latest banger, “MUSTANG” is something that you will want to have as a favorite because, apart from banging, it really is a unique combination of sounds.

Bringing that signature punk rock sound and peppering it with an unmistakable street rap sound, this raw masterpiece is born, and the two artists do not disappoint with their dexterous lyrical approaches as they transport a listener into a world of their own making, a world very much “MUSTANG”-like!

With beauty, nimbleness, and masterful flows over the vibrant punk rock melody, Dead Hendrix proves his lyrical worth in his sing-song technique, sliding through the beat with such confidence and charisma and delivering such an unforgettable hook that stays with the listener long after the song is no more.

The guest emcee, Yungcudii, too, is not short on his own scene-stealing flows as he rides this eclectic wave like an equestrian, showcasing his inimitable rap skills.

This collaborative tour de force already has over 100K streams, and that’s on Spotify alone…proof that this is a banger worth every second and has been quickly adopted as a fan favorite.

As you jump on this total banger if you haven’t already, make sure you also check out another bona fide anthem, “DTH” that sees Hendrix feature 3mFrench and Allcapyow off of the highly anticipated album, “Ottawa X Toronto” that will feature emcees from both sides of the divide!

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