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Encyclopedic Music Prodigy Definitely Not Luke Has Delivered an Unmistakable, High-Profile EP Christened “Cantelau.”

Definitely Not Luke Cantelau

When he’s out pursuing his creative arts, he’s Definitely Not Luke; a standout stage name isn’t the only thing this prodigious innovator takes pride in; his musical catalog boasts of every type of sound you could ever think of! As someone who isn’t flattered by genre definitions, his sound is as adventurous as it is enthralling, and he has found multiple ways of connecting with his audiences, no matter the age or genre preference, which is perhaps why he has more than 20K monthly Spotify listeners with his impressive repertoire of productions amassing tremendous stream numbers.

Unique and captivating are words you could use to capture a sense of Definitely Not Luke’s latest 3-track EP, “Cantelau”. This EP represents his artistry sensationally and highlights his dynamism and versatility. Each track is essentially different sounding from the other, and still, Definitely Not Luke is able to maintain his identity/brand!

“3AM” is a multi-colored rocker anthem. One thing I can’t seem to get enough of is those guitars; they have been hit with such passion and flair and seamlessly blend with the other quintessential rock instrumentals to fashion a timeless piece of magic whose effect is heightened tenfold by those crisp, clean male vocals.

“maybe” comes off spotless, with the luxuriantly endowed pop melodies the best to dance to with reckless abandon. Meticulously crafted and graciously performed via the tenderly nurtured Definitely Not Luke’s vocals, this tune is effortlessly charming.

Definitely Not Luke takes his craftsmanship a little further in the genre-bending masterpiece “Every Second,” which can fit in the worlds of pop, hip-hop and even rock. The beats are well-structured and reflect virtuosic sound mixing and mastering, which was also done by Definitely Not Luke all by himself; at this point, I’m convinced that there is nothing regarding creative arts and music that he can’t excel at—he’s just too good!

“Cantelau” is the ultimate distillation of matchless artistry. The best thing is that it can only get better from here!

I know you are itching to experience this musical greatness by one don Definitely Not Luke and I’ll leave you to it; follow the attached link and let this EP calibrate your playlist from this day forth!

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