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Ghanaian multi-genre artist Dehanson’s latest EP, “Accra Junction,” meets and exceeds the expectations of his globally expanding fan base.

A complete artist is the sum of many parts, and for Ghana-based afro-fusion star Dehanson, the rich fabric of his West African upbringing is woven into the insatiable passion for music to make up the complete and versatile artist he is. His eclectic taste in music and the early musical foundation he had thanks to growing up around his grandmother, who was a naturally gifted musician, have contributed to his own genre-bending musical journey. This has allowed him to incorporate a unique set of musical influences that resonate with audiences around the world. From Afrobeats, Amapiano, R&B, dancehall, and beyond, Dehanson’s music delivers on every front the Ghanaian culture and lifestyle, earning him widespread acclaim in the whole of Africa and outside.

His latest EP, “Accra Junction,” represents his own journey and growth. This authentic body of work showcases Dehanson’s profound gifts and versatility as an artist. The music here is as compelling as it is authentic!

“Sweet Love (Yeah)” featuring the equally gifted songstress Kimi The Goddess was the lead single, and it has gone on to generate considerable buzz on the international music scene. The song’s success is evident, with over 82K Spotify streams at the time of writing. This track is a heartfelt ode to that special someone, exuding pure appreciation and profound affection. It sprouts from the seeds of genuine love and care. The track’s versatile tempo, artfully weaving between lively and mellow beats, makes it the perfect accompaniment for any moment, whether you’re lost in dance, powering through a workout, or simply need a rhythm to elevate your soul.

It doesn’t take much time to get the song “Feeling good” stuck in your head. The hooks are irresistible, and the beat is otherworldly. The chorus alone positions the track as a strong contender for the best-of-2023 lists. But then Dehanson starts to glide over the rhythm, with Amapiano’s signature synths gurgling underneath, and the more he performs, the more it dawns on you that the track is with you forever!

“Junction Jam” is another catchy, infectious, and upbeat banger with the signature Amapiano synths that seamlessly blend with the Afrobeats’ melodies, providing a captivating backdrop that delightfully complements Dehanson’s spotlight-stealing vocals. This track’s production quality, reminiscent of Sarz’s style, underscores its epic nature.

The EP is rounded out by the Thanksgiving-themed track “Grace.” An infectious and appealing track that sees Dehanson exalt God and thank Him for his never-ending grace, which has been convenient for Dehanson and allowed him to navigate the intricacies of everyday life.

“I Wanna Do” is another dancefloor staple, one that invites you to dance with reckless abandon as Dehanson’s sweet-sounding, harmonious, and emotive vocals skim over the lively beat, stretching the limits of genre conventions in a way that makes it easy to refer to him as the afro-fusion king.

For those seeking a musical feast, “Accra Junction” is a must-listen, offering enjoyment for all music lovers. It is a captivating resonance of Dehanson’s audacious journey. A fresh collection that features exciting collaborations and genre-bending masterpieces. This is an EP that lets its music do the talking, and the lyrical narratives are as authentic as the original.

This is what Dehanson’s bulging fan base has come to expect of him and so much more, and it is such an honor to review such an exciting body of work as this.

Let’s run this EP up and give Dehanson his flowers for always dropping such jewels on us.


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