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Washington Based Musician and Animator Devin Millar Is Holding the World Together With the Epic and Memorable Track, “Hoody”

While I am never certain about many things in the world, Devin Millar has never ceased to amaze me with his innate capacity to harness ingenuity in service of music excellence. Each time he drops something, I am always 100% that it is unique and indisputably likable and when he dropped the masterpiece, “Hoody” backed by such a captivating anime video that tells a deeply impactful story, I just waited and within no time, I was hearing it booming in clubs all over- time once again, as it always has vindicated my belief in Devin Millar.

For those who have not heard the pleasure of experiencing this sensational jam, this is certainly your chance and I’m more than honored to roll up the carpet for you. In a world that has been suffocated by wars, pandemics, political instability, bigotry, and all manner of hatred, “Hoody” is the track to let you escape from all these atrocities and showcase a different world; one brimming with danceable melodies and exhilaration.

Goosebumps rising, I absolutely love how Devin Millar is able to inject the 80s and 90s vibe to the electronic dance-inspired melodies that bring with it that much-needed nostalgia. The beats and delivery just make you feel things that you really can’t explain but you enjoy being in that state all the same. The beats are the type to get your head bopping and feet tapping all the way and if it gets to uncontrollable levels, you grace the dance floor like no one’s watching!

The anime video is such an ingenious body of work that is a perfect complement to this track both in apologue and storyline. It is attention-grabbing from the first scene and beyond the cinematic allure is a message of love and tolerance and the need to do away with double standards in races/religion and otherwise.

You might have noticed that when the N-word is used by people from a certain races/origin, it is deemed offensive but when used by people of the same color as their fellows, it is not taken as heavily. An offensive word is an offensive word and this double standard needs to be done away with what a way to pass this message than with such a compelling anime video that is fascinatingly hilarious and educative at the same time.

It is little surprise this video has over 106K views on YouTube- it is a therapeutic dose to so many listeners who have made their feelings known under the comment section.

Without further ado, I introduce you to the “Hoody” party; follow the attached link to eat and drink to your full. Feeding more than once is not prohibited!

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