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MCR’s own artistic sensation, Dia Bogan, is set to release her first single titled “Waters”

Dia Bogan is a multi-talented singer-songwriter, dancer, producer, and professional model. She became enamored with music at the age of four and has since performed at various levels, a passion that has allowed her to collaborate with notable figures in the expansive music industry. She is an artist poised to make a lasting impact on the music scene; she possesses a magnetic stage presence, charisma, confidence, and a voice that articulates her emotions with depth and authenticity.

She likes to write her music from a place of both tenderness and strength, and that way, she encapsulates her listeners in a familiar world where they can find their own stories within her lyrics.

She is a proud artist who is soon to release her debut single, “Waters,” along with an official music video, on December 1st, 2023.

With this tune, Bogan invites listeners to immerse themselves in her enchanting R&B-fueled melodies and embrace the power of her art. Her lyrics explore sensuality and that strong desire for romantic love.

Dia effortlessly and flawlessly captures the essence and narrative of this jam with the help of her golden, old-school-powered, and rich vocals, highlighted by the catchy chorus at the song’s core.

With this tune, Dia skillfully proves that she is much more than just an artist; she is a storyteller with an innate competency to tug at a listener’s heartstrings and enable them to find a personal connection with her lyrics.

The upcoming music video also promises to be a visually striking musical film that will complement this single aptly.

Mark December 1st on your calendar, follow Dia Bogan on her official Instagram account, check the link in her bio, subscribe to her official YouTube channel, turn on the notification bar, and wait patiently for this tune that promises to be a masterpiece in R&B music transcendence!


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