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Critically acclaimed international producer Dim Moria unleashes the “Black Dragon”—and it’s absolutely fascinating!

You have to appreciate the lengths certain music engineers go to ensure you have memorable listening experiences. Someone who prides himself on his virtuosity and production prowess is Dim Moria, who has been feeding the universal with music greatness that has musical pundits everywhere on a vigorous search as they try to decipher the specific ingredients in such tasteful music that make it feel so good. Dim Moria is a master of his craft, engineering music that is timeless, catchy, and full of previously unheard melodies. If you are the type that likes your music invigorating and goosebumps-inducing, welcome aboard to your favorite section!

And what is it that he does on “Black Dragon”—just pure madness; How do you explain that he managed to engineer an inexplicably staggering and impressive body of work with just bass and kick? Moria just got into the studio and made a hit that makes you want to dance the night away in that state of music-induced ecstasy!

He is a master of his craft, and although people may not fully appreciate it, the production level of this masterpiece is top-notch. The dynamic, soulfully enchanting, and captivating vocals, the deep driving, memorable beats, and the engineering of such an impassioned performance that feels nostalgic and warmly futuristic at the same time is why “Black Dragon” is a must-have!

And the way it is fascinatingly dark really lives up to the hype of the title. What’s more…there is that immensely fascinating music video accompanying it that really fits to the track’s essence and narrative. Cinematic and eye-catching, it’s more like watching your favorite blockbuster film!

A fresh release that is cinematic and emotionally driven, “Black Dragon” is descriptive and impactful, and one that you really deserve in your playlist!

Follow the attached link, subscribe to Dim Moria’s channel, like this masterpiece, and save it to your playlist!

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